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The Study of the Yongwu Poem in the Mid-Ancient

Author GaoShuPing
Tutor FuYaShu
School Northeast Normal University
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords Yongwu Mid-ancient heterogeneous isomorphism physical image aesthetics formalism aesthetic characteristics value orientation
CLC I207.22
Type PhD thesis
Year 2011
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It’s one of methods in studying Chinese ancient poems to classify the subject matter. Since the subject matters are different, the literary works are also different about expressing mean, lyricism, language style, esthetics effect, it’s just the value to find out this difference. Yongwu, which is forepart and prevalent, come to be an unattached matter from Xian Qin to Han dynasty, and mushroom in WeiJin and NanBei dynasty. Therefore,Mid-ancient just is the key to Yongwu Poem’s development. Matter in this thesis is animal , plant and implement, not include nature and person. It lessens comparing tradition, but more logical and exact in matter partition.Making the Yongwu Poem in the Mid-Ancient to be Research object ,this paper is divided into five parts,each to be a project,combining theory and poem,mining and discuss furtherly from every lateral, strive to form a view systematically,and get the conclusion about the Yongwu Poem’s literature value and humanities value. Three former parts focus on theory,while the fourth and fifth parts focus on poems.One,is heart and matter in Yongwu Poem as basic theories.Two,is shape and spirit in Yongwu Poem, the theory about physical image aesthetics is theoretical basis.Three,is about anguage criticism in Yongwu Poem,the formalism aesthetics is reflected fully. Four,is the methord of Yongwu, diachronically, clear up portray、intone、exhibition method.Five,is about the matter in Yongwu poem, combining The historical background、Social environment、ideology,ensure that matter scorp and value orientation.In addition, the sixth part think,there are some relations in Yongwu and Shanshui and Gongti poem in Nan dynasty, some relations between Poem and Ming , Zan and Song in the Yongwu subject matter, some relations between Yongwu Poem in Nan dynasty and Yi Wen Lei Ju.The conclusion is,the Yongwu Poem develeped and expanded in the Mid-Ancient,with the literature form,become the pattern that people know the world and self, it also is the premise and power to the Yongwu Poem’s develepment.The literature value is, incarnate the rule of Chinese ancient literature development are more and more gorgeous in style, deepen and widen in content knowing the world, profuse and seek in spirit and life. As a literature form, it become a means of knowing the external world and then viewing ourselves, which is just the reason and power. Useing the opening heart and poetry language , people focus on and beautify the external things, seek the art aesthetics,view the life and ourselves, the Yongwu Poem’s humanities value just is it.

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