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The Mechanical Analysis of Multi-body and the Strength Research of Structure for Super Large-sized Float Roof Tank

Author ChenDongFang
Tutor LiuJuBao
School Northeast University of Petroleum
Course Chemical Process Equipment
Keywords float roof tank mechanics analysis finite element stress test multi-body coupling
Type PhD thesis
Year 2010
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The construction of oil reserve base is an important component of national energy security and economic development, and large-sized non-anchored storage tank, as one of the advanced equipments of oil reserve base, its safety research has attracted more attention. This article took the new-builded large-sized float roof tank as the research object, used theoretical analysis, finite element numerical simulation, field experiment testing to carry out the mechanical analysis on the multiple hull construction of large-sized float roof tank, established theoretical method for the large-sized storage tanks’structural design, and completed strength evaluation of storage tank of 150 thousand cubic meters in design and operating conditions. The two tanks of 150 thousand cubic meters that have been constructed are being in operation safely in Daqing Oilfield.(1) According to the design specification with API650 to the structure of large-sized storage tanks of 150 thousand cubic meters, this article analyzed with combination of cylindrical shell law and settlement act to define the basic structure of the large-sized storage tanks of 150 thousand cubic meters.(2) An anaylsis of the deviation that includes compare between theoretical analysis and finite element numerical simulation of the value of the calculated value and measured values of stress and finite element numerical simulation of the calculated value, indicates that calculation accuracy of using finite element numerical simulation is greater than the theoretical analysis with a simple calculation, to be suitable for engineering applications.(3) Calculated axisymmetric tank structure and spatial structure through simplifying the storage tank, we know the tanks wall, bottom and openings at the stress distribution, so that the stress distribution tank is more rational and more economical use of materials with optimizationing the ground material of storage tanks, welding type, wall alignment and openings.(4) With the newly built 150,000 cubic meters of water-filled tank floating roof test, it has carried out scene test to the wall and bottom of the tank. In this test, we took a variety of technical measures of protection, got a number of real datas. It proves that it is possible to use the resistance contingency measure technology to large oil tank stress testing in the scene.(5) It analyzed tank forces between the fluid and tanks when tanks are by earthquake loads with the solid-liquid coupling analysis method. we proposed more than one PC, a new method of calculation to the common solutions on the basis of CSCW, in order to solve the problems of 3D of large tanks and three parts-shells of tanks, fluid and ground dynamic dynamicsto response to questions.Above all, the results that we researched provide a theoretical basis and calculation method for design of large-sized storage tanks, stress assessment of tanks and solid-liquid coupling analysis.

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