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Research on Optimization and Blocking Probability in Three Stage Clos Network

Author Yu
Tutor GuNaiJie
School University of Science and Technology of China
Course Computer System Architecture
Keywords Three-stage Clos network Multicast Strictly non-blocking Replacement Optimization Blocking probability Hardware cost Crosspoint WDM optical networks
CLC TN915.02
Type PhD thesis
Year 2009
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The three-stage Clos network is the use of the basic switching unit to build a large switched networks , the most commonly used topology . The three-stage Clos network replacement, one to many broadcast , strictly implemented in a variety of communication methods for multi - source multicast generalized and rearrangeable nonblocking broadcast , can well meet the large-scale switching network design requirements . Therefore, the study of the optimization design of the three-stage Clos network blocking probability analysis in theory and in fact has a very important significance . Papers around the three-stage Clos network hardware cost reduction and unified blocking probability analysis model , carry out the following work : for strictly non-blocking multicast three-stage Clos network hardware cost , proposed on optimized way . The method of differentiating the total hardware cost of the network , network hardware cost makes network hardware cost minimum to meet the conditions and optimized . By analysis and comparison , strictly non-blocking multicast three-stage Clos network optimization , can effectively reduce the hardware cost of the network . Just a single probability analysis model for the three-stage Clos network existing unicast or multicast model , Hwang unified approach and Pattavina blocking probability analysis model combined approach , establish a unified probabilistic analysis model . Found by analysis with existing conclusions , and propose a unified analysis model is more accurate and comprehensive description of the multicast three-stage Clos network blocking performance . Compromise blocking probability and hardware cost , to build the structure of the three-stage Clos network has a small obstruction, low cost replacement . After the analysis and comparison can be found in nearly half , to build the network of hardware cost is lower than the corresponding strictly non-blocking network blocking probability is very small . Proposed a model based on the three-stage Clos network WDM optical network hardware cost optimization . Under the restrictions , combined with the third chapter has been optimized for general three-stage Clos network approach has been optimized WDM optical network based on the model of the three-stage Clos network . By comparing and analyzing optimization method can effectively reduce the WDM fiber-optic network based on the model of the three-stage Clos network hardware cost .

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