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Study of Health Care Information Framework and Information Model

Author AnJiYe
Tutor DuanHuiLong
School Zhejiang University
Course Biomedical Engineering
Keywords Medical and health information EHR Information Framework Information Model Two modeling Health behavior
CLC R319
Type PhD thesis
Year 2009
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Healthcare Healthcare Information Modeling is the cornerstone of the development of information technology, and only in a complete, shared information model basis, in order to better express, organize and store all kinds of medical and health information, information exchange and sharing, and promote information integration and fusion, the formation of various types of intelligence, knowledge-based decision support, meet for clinical, research and management of the utilization of a variety of information needs, and ultimately improve health service quality. In recent years, with the work of medical and health information to the deepening of medical and health information modeling problems have gradually become an international research focus. The human body and the high complexity makes life associated with medical health information is extremely complex. First, the information variety, shapes and sizes, with the value, documents, images and waveforms, complex relationship between information and uncertain; Second, different countries and regions of the health care system, and other aspects related policies and regulations are not the same , health information form showing spatial differences; once again, very quickly to update their knowledge in the medical field, medical and health information forms have diversity, complexity of the relationship between the information are updated with the changing medical knowledge. These features give the medical model of health information is a big challenge. In this thesis, medical and health information for the study, modeling problems surrounding the medical and health information to carry out research and exploration. Its main tasks are: (?) Systematic review of international research on the progress of work on the overall composition of the medical health information and characteristics of in-depth analysis; (?) Health information for medical complex and diverse, complex relationships, as well as with the space, time, dynamic nature, through different levels of abstraction, research and established a multi-dimensional, multi-level medical and health information framework, which will act as a medical health care health information base unit and multi-layered dimensions presentation, handling diversity of medical and health information, the type of information with domain knowledge through the separation of flexibility to adapt to the dynamic nature of medical and health information; (?) in the medical and health information framework, based on the design of the \actual medical health information systems processing capabilities for qualitative description; (?) based on medical and health information framework, the establishment of an object-oriented healthcare information model, the use of health care behavior and the relationship between the expression behavior of multi-modal medical and health information structure, while the introduction of hierarchical modeling approach to the dynamic changes of knowledge in the medical field, the realization of the overall healthcare information modeling; (?) for medical and health information systems research and development, the establishment of a research including data centers, field prototype libraries, information services and information on a variety of applications, including top medical and health information model application system; (?) Consolidated results of the various studies of this thesis conducted a systematic comprehensive practical, medical and health information model based EHR data centers built in Based on the design and development of complete electronic medical records data service middleware and integrated view, through integration with other systems, the establishment of a comprehensive hospital-oriented complete electronic medical records system. Systems integration practice results show that this thesis and the establishment of framework for information and information models with strong communication skills, can effectively solve diverse medical and health information forms, complex relationships, as well as with the updating of knowledge dynamics and other issues. Thesis work for the medical and health information organizations expressed a methodological basis for the design, development, deployment, maintenance of medical health information systems provide information modeling technical support, but also for other related research areas of information modeling a useful reference.

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