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Baroque Elements in Environment Art Design

Author LiuMeng
Tutor LiXiaoShu
School Henan Normal
Course Fine Arts
Keywords baroque art baroque architecture design elements
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In this paper, trace the history of Baroque art start by describing the emergence and development of Baroque art, Baroque architecture in different countries to introduce the art of baroque architecture, and to extract the characteristics of Baroque architecture. Through the analysis of a large number of specific examples of modern architectural style and with other contacts who Mingbaluoke architectural elements in the use of modern architecture and Baroque architecture and made with classical Chinese architecture commonality of view. Next, the reasons for the return of the Baroque and direction, and one should pay attention to some of the problems were analyzed.17th and 18th century, Baroque is popular in Europe, a major art form, its style can be summarized as: dynamic, unconventional, like the pursuit of unlimited and non-integrity, emphasizing the contrast of light and the integration of various art forms. Baroque dominated the mid-17th century to the 18th century the arts community. Almost spread its influence throughout Europe, and extends to Latin America. It is Western art in the development and evolution of a process, it is not art in the process of moving the stagnation or regression, which assumes the times and cultural needs of the arts. It is the art of the times, a response to the product of the times, it is an art to a wide range of test. It is exploratory and innovative art of Europe and even the world the awakening of a non-rational, the rational and irrational struggle and coexistence, the Western art has been a qualitative leap.To the late 18th century Baroque Rococo art was replaced by a declaration of its end. But in modern buildings, we have been able to see the baroque architecture of the figure. Whether in the East or the West, the Baroque architecture design elements have never been ignored before. Whether it be through a combination of other architectural styles or its own evolution, it always remains the bright spot of their own without being overwhelmed by the torrent of history. In the West Ba Luoke as a traditional architectural style is inherited and re-excavation; in China, due to special historical and cultural reasons, baroque architecture involved in the development of modern Chinese architectural history, in many cities has left permanent traces of its .In the new era buildings, Baroque retreat of the tedious and grotesque coat, became a popular loved architectural forms. We also follow the Baroque aesthetic of modern man had evolved. As our cities and living space more and more into the baroque architectural elements, some problems have emerged, our city is changing every day, almost every day, pulling in the new building , The Baroque architectural elements in these buildings can not use how to use that we should consider.

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