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Study on Single Cell Protein Production with Solid State Fermentation of Apple Pomace by the Mixed Strains of Space Mutagenesis

Author XieYaPing
Tutor ZhangZongZhou;ZuoHaiMing
School Gansu Agricultural University
Course Crop Cultivation and Farming System
Keywords Space Mutagenesis Pomace Solid-state fermentation SCP
CLC S816
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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China proteins very scant resources, of which 70% dependent on imports. Need to import 35 million tons of soybeans, 1.2 million tons of fish meal and other protein resources, the value of RMB 150 billion. On the other hand, the size and total yield of apple cultivation in China accounts for about 1/3 of the world apple production levels, there several million t pomace produce annually. Therefore, research and development pomace SCP (single cell protein; SCP, single-cell protein; referred to as the MBP the Microbiological protein, also known as microbial protein or bacterial protein; MBP and SCP are microbial huge growth and reproduction of the protein product, so now the two are collectively referred to as SCP) feed, that pomace this huge resource utilization can be solved, while at the same time for the country's serious lack of feed protein resource development of alternative products. The test space mutation strains and mutagenic strains and other strains of mixed bacteria fermentation of apple pomace SCP research, the following results: by strains after activation, and the activation of the test strains for inoculation 10 groups in the target fermentation feedstock concentration gradient directional adaptive medium 11 consecutive generations of directional adaptive culture, screening, eventually elect their own superior strains. The Space Mutagenesis single strain solid-state fermentation of apple pomace production SCP inoculum size determined: Aspergillus niger ZM-8 suitable inoculum size of 2.0%; beer yeast YB-6 suitable inoculum size of 6.0%. Space Mutagenesis of Aspergillus niger ZM-8 and space mutagenesis YB-6 double strain of the brewer's yeast the mixed fermentation results superior to single-strain fermentation; the Space Mutagenesis two strains mixed solid-state fermentation of apple pomace production SCP ideal conditions is: inoculation ratio (brewer's yeast YB-6 / Aspergillus niger ZM-8) 3:1, inoculum size of 8.0% (total) 30 ° C, pH value of about 5.0, or natural, material thickness 4.0cm, fermentation time 3 ~ 4d . Mutagenic strains and other bacteria mixed solid-state fermentation of apple pomace production SCP than ideal conditions: the mutagenesis bacteria and other bacteria mixed optimal ratio: Aspergillus niger mutant ZM-8 (Asp.nigerZM-8) : 0.5g, brewer's yeast, YB-6 (Sac.cerevisiae-YB-6): 1.5g Geotrichum candidum (Geotrichum candidum): 1.0g, Candida tropicalis (Candida tropicalis): 1.5g. Aspergillus niger mutant ZM-8 (Asp.nigerZM-8): the beer yeast YB-6 (Sac.cerevisiae YB-6): Geotrichum candidum (Geotrichum candidum): Candida tropicalis (Candida tropicalis) 1:3: 2:3; inoculation amount to 10.0% (total); 30 ° C; pH value natural; 4d fermentation time, the material layer thickness of 4.0 cm. Fermentation ingredients, the ratio determined: fermentation feedstock composition of each material most suitable ratio: pomace 70% 10%; corn stalks; bran 15% 5%; accessories. Fermentation of feeding accessories ingredients ratio determined: the excipient ingredients crude protein content in the fermented product of the primary and secondary order is: urea gt; salt gt; ammonium sulfate; urea: 2g, ammonium sulfate: 2g, salt: 1g, as the The ideal accessories ingredients and proportion.

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