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A Study on the Provenance Selection of Schima Superba in Jiangxi

Author XiongCaiYun
Tutor DuTianZhen;ZengZhiGuang
School Jiangxi Agricultural University,
Course Forest cultivation
Keywords Schima superba Provenance selection PROVENANCE DIVISION Geographic variation Net photosynthetic rate Apparent quantum efficiency
CLC S792.99
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Schima (Schima superba Gardn.et Champ.) For the common subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest tree species, is also the main tree species of the forest fire in southern China and one of the special timber species. Genetic improvement research, the study of different ecological regions in Jiangxi start from Schima superba seed sowing quality and seedling growth traits, after eight years of afforestation comparison test research, exploring the geographical provenance of Variation superior provenances for future select and lay the foundation for further breeding research, at the same time to select a number of suitable Jiangxi growth provenance for the production, promotion and application. The study results show that: 1, Schima superba seed grain weight average 5.56g, variation amplitude :3.73-8 7.57 g, seed weight difference between provenances very significant, Schima superba average germination rate of 17.28%, and the range of variation 0.25 % -48.75%, the difference between the provenances extremely significant, the provenance of the highest germination rate is 195 times the lowest provenance. 2, Schima superba thinning high ground diameter, biomass has a very significant difference, and higher broad sense heritability. Different provenances Schima superba height growth showed obvious regularity, northern Anhui Taiping provenance, or the central and southern Anfu and Guangdong Kaiping provenances showed: slow growth ----- growth medium speed - ---- growth and rapid - growth slows down ----- stop growing. And Schima height growth fastest period from August to September, during which growth accounted for more than 50% of the year. The height and diameter growth with latitude was highly significant negative correlation, indicating that the choice, can achieve better results by Schima superba. The Schima superba tree, diameter at breast height and single plant material product has a very significant provenance differences and higher broad sense heritability plot provenances broad sense heritability from tree height and monoclonal material point of view, respectively 0.4778 -0.7859,0.6840-0.7621,0.4943-0.8928 between the provenances genetic control over all growth traits are subject to moderate intensity. Schima superba tree, diameter at breast height per plant material volume growth has not only differences between provenances and location interaction between seed sources and locations have reached a very significant level. Growth traits from three test points of view, Xinfeng test point 8-year-old Lin average DBH, tree height and individual volume growth was significantly higher than Yongfeng and Dexing, the Xinfeng test point tree height and monoclonal The average volume of 3.39cm, 4.27m, the 0.0025m3 than Yongfeng pilot sites increased by 42.4%, 54.2% and 178%, respectively; increased by 50.7%, 117.9% and 316.7%, respectively, than the the Dexing test point. 5, breeding the superior provenances suitable for the Jiangxi different ecological zones Growth 11, suitable for the growth of Gannan four superior provenances, Kaiping, Guangdong, Hunan Chaling Anfu, Zhejiang Longquan. Selected provenances 8 year old average height 4.58m, average diameter at breast height 3.69cm; average individual volume 0.0031m3. Compared with the control tree height, diameter at breast height and average genetic gain of individual volume as follows: 5.03%, 7.01% and 22.32%, respectively; the average reality Gain: 7.21%, 8.92% and 25.00%; suitable Gan in the growth of six superior provenances Wengyuan, Guangdong, Fujian Wuping, Liuyang, Hunan, Jiangxi Longnan, Xinfeng, Zixi. Selected provenances average height 2.77m, average DBH 2.35cm, average per plant materials area 0.0009m3. Compared with the control tree height, DBH and individual volume average genetic gain as follows: 5.53%, 10.4% and 22.74%, respectively; the average reality Gain: 8.09%, 16.78% and 37.36%; the northeastern Jiangxi growth 2 excellent Provenance, Guangdong Kaiping, Guixi. Selected provenances average height 2.34m, average DBH 2.36cm; average individual volume 0.0008m3. Compared with the control tree height, diameter at breast height and average genetic gain of individual volume as follows: 14.75%, 2.11% and 12.36%, respectively; the average reality Gain: 19.36%, 4.42% and 25.00%. 6 Schima superba tree, diameter at breast height per plant material volume growth was close negative correlation with the latitude, and longitude was negatively correlated, but no significant difference in Schima superba growth mainly to the latitudinal variation patterns, namely the southern distribution of seed source tree height, diameter at breast height, individual volume growth generally superior to the provenance of the northern distribution. Can be tested 34 kinds of sources broadly divided into three regions, namely southern, central and northern part of the three kinds of source region. The southern provenance areas, including Guangdong, south-central, northwestern, southern Fujian region, the growth of the provenance of the source region large; Middle provenance areas including Jiangxi, northern Guangdong, Fujian, Hunan, Zhejiang southwest, that our vast areas of subtropical central medium the provenance growth in the amount of the source region; provenances in northern areas, including the region of southeastern Anhui, Zhejiang and northern and northwestern Hunan, the provenance growth in the amount of the source region is poor. Relative to the southern, northern provenance provenance, Middle provenance area can be further divided into two kinds of source sub-regions of the east and west. 7, this study is based on a rectangular hyperbolic correction model to estimate different Schima provenance trees light compensation point, saturation point, maximum net photosynthetic rate and other parameters. The results show that: Kaiping, Guangdong (southern provenances) to adapt to lower light saturation point and light compensation point relatively higher latitude regions of lighting conditions, coupled with higher maximum net photosynthetic rate and quantum efficiency, resulting in the growth of Guangdong Kaiping fastest. Higher of Anhui Taiping (northern provenance) light saturation point and light compensation point, and has a strong ability to adapt to the light environment, but its quantum efficiency and maximum net photosynthetic rate lowest minimum tree high growth rate. Jiangxi Yongfeng provenance (Middle provenance), with a higher maximum net photosynthetic rate and apparent quantum efficiency of tree height growth rate, but the respiratory consumption, which led to the high growth rate of the average tree is better in Guangdong Kaiping. Three different latitude Schima superba, Guangdong Kaiping the (southern provenance) Schima provenance on the environment has a strong ability to adapt and growth potential.

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