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Preparation of Metal Oxides Electrode by Eelectrospining and Studies on Electrochemical Supercapactors

Author GuoZuo
Tutor GongJian
School Northeast Normal University
Course Inorganic Chemistry
Keywords supercapacitor electrospinning metal oxide electrode NiO electrode NiO/ZnO electrode CuO electrode
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Chemical capacitor is a new type of energy storage devices between tradition capacitor and cell。Compared with tradition capacitor and cell,it has higher capacitance, and higher power characteristics. So it has become one of the most attractive subjects of investigation. In this paper, NiO、NiO/ZnO, and CuO capacitor electrode materials were prepared by electrospinning method on FTO electrode. The electrochemical performance and capacitive behavior of the metal oxide electrode materials were studied by galvanostatic charge-discharge.Preparation of NiO capacitor electrode by electrospinning. We discuss the electrochemical property and capacitive behavior of the NiO capacitor electrode in different annealing temperature. The results indicate that the NiO capacitor electrode has high electric conductivity when it was prepared in low temperature(300℃). The results show that the electrode possess excellent electrochemical property at 300℃. The capacitance of NiO capacitor electrode is 298 F/g.NiO/ZnO capacitor electrode was prepared by electrospinning. In order to enhance the capacitive behavior of the NiO capacitor electrode, ZnO was doped in the NiO capacitor for enhancing its electrochemical property. Doping cations of high valence state can lead to an increase in the electrical conductivity and result in high capacitive behavior. The results show excellent electrochemical property and capacitive behavior. The capacitance of the NiO/ZnO capacitor electrode is 381 F/g and 155 F/g in discharge current of 5A/g at 300 and 500℃, respectively.In additional, NiO capacitor electrode was also prepared by electrospinning method. We investigated its capacitive behavior at 500℃. We know the capacitance of CuO electrode is 89.71 F/g and 46.15F/g respectively in discharge current of 1A/g and 5A/g.

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