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Research on the Policy Synergy of Basic Public Service Equalization in China

Author ZhengJia
Tutor ZhangChuangXin
School Jilin University
Course Administration
Keywords Joint Public Policy Policy coordination Equalization of basic public services China
CLC D630
Type PhD thesis
Year 2010
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After 30 years of reform and opening up, Chinese society achieved by the survival of society to the developmental changes in society. Stages of development demand structure changes caused by China strategic upgrades, but also the Chinese social contradiction shows phase characteristics. Among them, the masses comprehensive, rapidly growing public demand and insufficient supply of basic public services, the supply of inequality have become increasingly prominent, as a constraint to economic and social development bottleneck factor. Equalization of basic public services is the Chinese government initiative to deal with the demands of social development put forward a reform strategy, to cover public financial investment, public policy operation, the construction of an institutional framework for systems engineering, which for ease social conflicts and achieving sustainable economic growth, promote the comprehensive development and safeguard social fairness and justice are of great significance. \with government officials in front of a problem. \significance. This article aims to apply the theory of collaborative thinking, collaborative public policy by constructing theoretical framework to describe the Chinese policy of equalization of basic public services, system status, and as a basis to establish collaborative mechanism to guide policy system of basic public health services orderly development. Clarity \In understanding and grasp the \policy areas. In elucidating the topic, based on the papers around the \First, the feasibility of policy coordination from the synergetic theory of universality; Secondly, synergy principle for policy coordination to provide scientific methodology and ways of thinking at the same time, the system operating conditions of the policy set forth requirements (openness, self-organization, relevance, responsiveness); Third, policy coordination is not synergy \democratic theory provides for policy coordination values ??and ideals, and to achieve the policy system theoretically \relevance, \Visible to deliberative democracy and integrity of governance as the theoretical basis of the premise, policy coordination is theoretically established. The above theory, policy papers construct a theoretical model to run concurrently. Describes the operation of the internal mechanism of policy coordination and action logic; by identifying opportunities for synergies, establish a policy framework for collaborative mode of operation, and advocated through the establishment of coordination mechanism to regulate the behavior of the order parameter domination, boot the system and orderly development. Western public service reform, public service policy runs the collaborative practice model validated the basic ideas, suggesting that this theoretical model applicable to public service areas of policy analysis, with some explanatory power. Theoretical model for the analysis of the above framework, the paper analyzes the Chinese policy of basic public services, the systems in operation. Using a collaborative study of macro research methods, data from the policy makers and the public assess satisfaction rating two dimensions to obtain macroscopic information, to examine the Chinese policy of equalization of basic public services, real picture. Affirmed China equalization of basic public services reform initial success; pointed out China equalization of basic public services in the process of the outstanding problems; analysis of the causes of these problems policy. On this basis, the Chinese policy of equalization of basic public service system characteristics made the following judgments: Chinese system of basic public services policy loose showing a system structure, policy subsystem correlation is weak, lack of mutual collaboration and cooperation, collaborative degree low state of disorder. Chinese basic operation of the system of public service policies ignore the order parameter management, lack of coordination mechanisms. Policy system for the above problems, the paper proposes to achieve the equalization of basic public services China policy coordination countermeasures. Advocates the establishment of coordination mechanism to guide the orderly operation of the system policies, measures include: the development of civil society forces, the establishment of mechanisms for public participation policy body; improve the public finance policy, the establishment of public services diversified supply mechanism; clear responsibilities between levels of government, the establishment of the dynamic regulation of the policy process mechanism; promote horizontal intergovernmental cooperation, the establishment of overall planning policy coordination mechanisms; optimal policy running processes, establish a comprehensive mechanism to ensure coordination. Collaborative research policy as a policy framework for analysis and interpretation of complex policy system suitable for the effective operation of equalization of basic public services for the Chinese reform provides a new way of thinking and research perspective; ideal as a policy system operation mode, the overall function of policy concerns, advocate division of labor based on the collaboration, the pursuit of the public interest maximization; as a policy theory, the \public nature. \

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