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Research and Development for Flexible Chassis and Its Control System of Conservatory Work Machines

Author LuDi
Tutor GuoKangQuan
School Northwest University of Science and Technology
Course Agricultural Mechanization Engineering
Keywords Flexible chassis Motion model Four-wheel drive Central controller Wheel motor
CLC S625.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Countries on the importance of the \Facilities in the agricultural sector, the country has also made remarkable achievements, but, compared to the mechanization of the Ota, the agricultural mechanization of our facilities also at a low level, The facilities rely mainly on agricultural production, heavy and intensive labor realized, greenhouse operations mechanization equipment untapped. Farm power and equipment to develop modern facilities, designed based on the bias axis of four independently driven, independent steering flexible chassis. Include six-degree-of-freedom the flexible chassis movement model, equation of state to build a sports model, using simulation software for process simulation, and analysis of the steering angle and speed of movement parameters in different forms of exercise, and the results show that the build flexible chassis motion model to reflect the movement characteristics. Secondly, the flexible chassis drive system and control strategy design, flexible the chassis drive systems mechanical components and electronic devices, the structural design of the single-wheel-drive system is completed in advance in accordance with its function, followed by single-wheel-drive system based on control strategy design, a detailed analysis of the working principle and control method of BLDCM, given the overall control strategy of flexible chassis and controller works. Then, according to the flexible chassis sports performance design of the central controller, the selected model of the central controller of the main chip, and completed the various parts of the circuit design of the hardware system, and the firing circuit board. The central controller software system based on the complete hardware design, design programming, sensor and speed signal acquisition and control instructions to send a test on the PC, initially completed the central controller hardware and software system design. Finally, on the basis of the various parts of the design and research, brushless DC hub motor unit conducted a trial of flexible chassis like cars, and solve a variety of mechanical and technical problems in the process of actual production prototype vehicle, as well as the preliminary exercise performance testing. And central control system to assess and analyze the existing problems in the specific implementation process, thus laying a solid theoretical foundation for the next step to improvement and optimization, to improve the accuracy of the control system of the central controller, reliability and quick response The flexible chassis movement to enhance stability and mechanical properties. This paper, through the trial of the flexible chassis motion model and the design of the central controller, as well as the physical prototype to prove the feasibility of the implementation of the theoretical basis for the probe into the motion characteristics of the flexible chassis and control strategy and provide test means .

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