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Comparative Studies of Super Hybrid Rice Ratoon Materials Transport Disciplines

Author WangZhiQiang
Tutor LiuDeLin;LiHeSong
School Hunan Agricultural University
Course Biophysics
Keywords Super Hybrid Rice Ratoon Photosynthetic characteristics 14C-labeling 15N tracer Running Distribution
CLC S511
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Y Liangyou 1 super hybrid rice combination Liangyoupeijiu , Y Liangyou the 8th and Shanyou 63 as test materials , the use of isotope tracer techniques and conventional techniques combined system to study four hybrid rice combination photosynthesis , assimilation product allocation and nitrogen nutrition operation characteristics , relevant conclusions are as follows : 1, the head quarter of super hybrid rice paddy full heading photosynthesis in rice pile within 15 days residual ratoon effective ear ratoon rice total dry weight yield and grains per spike was positively correlated . Super rice head quarter full heading residues of the 15 days of photosynthetic products is closely related with the formation of dry matter accumulation and yield of ratoon . 15 days photosynthates production is mainly destined for head quarter of Super Hybrid Rice after full heading panicle some residue in the rice pile , the photosynthetic products left in a pile of rice ratoon rice growth and development of great influence . The greater the amount of the first quarter late photosynthetic products allocated to the rice pile ratoon rice blade number , the more effective panicles , the higher the yield . Y Liangyou Liangyoupeijiu , Y Liangyou the first quarter of the 8th the the rice full heading Jianye Shanyou 63 , its advantage is reflected in the net photosynthetic rate and stomatal conductance values ??, but the drawback is the transpiration rate lower. 3 super hybrid rice combination than the control Shanyou 63 have better resistance to premature aging characteristics , especially the Y Liangyou most obvious No. 1 . Super hybrid rice combinations renewable quarter full heading Photosynthetic Rate the difference was not significant . Renewable quarter with the same quarter of the head , three super hybrid rice combination with the control combination Shanyou 63 compared to higher net photosynthetic rate , transpiration rate . 3 super rice ratoon bud development and promote seedling nitrogen uptake reduced with delayed growth stages . The Growth Promoting bud and promote seedling nitrogen fertilizer can significantly improve the maturity rice pile in the first quarter of N accumulation . Nitrogen in the first quarter after the rice harvest gradually ratoon newborn tillering transfer output rate , where the main crop harvest period to ratoon rice output full heading stage up to the germination and growth of renewable tillering played a huge role . Application for bud development of nitrogen fertilizer can significantly improve the rice pile of dry matter accumulation and output . Bud development and promote seedling nitrogen fertilizer increased by increasing renewable tillering germination panicles , and significantly improve the rate of population growth , promote renewable tiller dry matter accumulation , and significantly expand the storage capacity , thereby increasing the yield .

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