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Study on New Type Transverse-plate ESP

Author YiChengWu
Tutor WuChunZuo
School Jiangsu University
Course Environmental Engineering
Keywords ESP transverse-plate CFD numerical design ion concentration ion transport properties
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2010
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Currently, while the industry of our country steped in a highly development stage, the environmental problem caused by the atomosphere pollution had became an urgent task than ever before. How to govern the atomosphere pollution turn to a urgent mission. Because the electrostatic precipitator (ESP) can remove the dust with the high temperature and high humidity, and the ESP has the enormous smoke treating capacity with less pressure loAs, so the ESP is universally accepted as a highly effective equipment. The ESP also play a important role in air pollution control field. However, due to the existence of large volume, a high investment, the amount of steel and more, low efficiency for the fine dust PM10 of the following problems, which seriously restrict its further application.From the high pressure (-0.1MPa) non-equilibrium plasma physics, discharge physics to analyze the gas ionization, the current key problems of ESP, is low ion transport in ESP discharge area, so that the ion concentration is only about 106-107/cm3 in the electric field of ESP, thereby enabling the dust particles charge and drift velocity is low, that is the main reason for causing the ESP current problems.From the motion equation of charged particles, ions in the transport process is to overcome the shackles of charged particles in the electric field strength, thereby increasing the momentum of charged particles is effective way to solving the problem of ion source output lower for ion concentration and transport items.New type ESP with transverse-plate using a new discharge structure, selection of co-type dust collector plates and discharge electrode set in a space welcoming gasflow output, the dust particles velocity through the discharge electric field is up to 5-20m/s, greatly increasing the momentum of charged particles, ions is out of the shackles of the electric field and the effective to improve the rate of ion transport and ion concentration, and thus to dust charged and collecting efficiency.In this paper, the reaarcher conduct the study on theroy analysis, numerical simulation and design by computational fluid dynamic (CFD), device design and experimental study respectively. In order to solve the ESP problem, the project designed a new type transverse plate ESP through mending and optimizing the structure of the traditional ESP.And Combined with experimental methods, the ion transport properties of the electrostatic precipitator and dust Experimental research.In the design process of the transverse plate ESP, the numerical simulation process was conducted by the Fluent software. The SIMPLE algorithm was uAd to calculate and the geometry model was divided by ICEM, which is one kind of pre-processing software. The relationship of gas velocity, dust particle size and voltage was examined by FLUENT software.Then according to the numerical simulation results, the reAarcher optimize the design and structure of the transverA plate ESP. Meanwhile, the simulation results indicated that the gas fluid inside the ESP distribute perferably, and the ion recombination was effective reduced through the high gas velocity between the dust collection plate. The results suggested that with the improvement of applied voltage and dust particle size, collection efficiency was increaAd and gas velocity became a favorable factor to improve collection efficiency in a certain range. So the ion concentration was greatly improved; the results showed that the gas velocity in the reverA of the plate is small to the benefit for collecting dust. According to the simulation results, the transverse-plate ESP has great performent in purify the dust. The experimental study was conducted by the Alf-designed transverA plate ESP, the ion transport properties experimental study investigated the effect of the applied voltage U, gas velocity v and the plate interval d on the ion concentration in the ESP. The experimental results indicited that the momentum of the ion increasing with the gas velocity increasing in the transverse plate ESP. The ion concentration in the system could reach 9.12×109/cm3. All of this showed that the device improved the ion generation obviously.Combine with the results of the ion transport properties experiment, the study carried the simulate gas purification experiment on the Alf-designed transverse-plate ESP. From the experiment results, the dust collecting efficiency can increaA to above 99.21%, when the distance ofωtype collecting plates is 40mm, initial dust density is 10.2g/m3, working voltage is 18.2kV, the area of effective dust collecting plates is 1.12m2, the gas velocity is 2.85m/s; meanwhile, the collection efficiency of fine particles (particle size distribution is 0 to 10μm) in transverse plate electrostatics precipitator system is above 90% when the other conditions remain certain. Therefore, the length, Action area and volume of ESP are reduced by Averal times compared with the conventional construction ESP and its miniaturization is realized.With the traditional structure of the ESP compared to the high speed transverse-plate ESP has a greater advantage.Through theoretical analysis and experimental results can be shown, high velocity transverse-plate ESP dust in the effective area of ESP compare with the traditional structure, nearly twice reduced, lateral plate significantly reduced the volume of ESP. At the same time, gas velocity can reach 3.0m/s or more in high velocity transverse-plate ESP, dust in the region is the traditional ESP up to 3 times; And the drift velocity of charged particals in the electric field is more than the raditional structure ESP of the nearly 7 times, up to 188.6cm/s. Therefore, the research design of high speed horizontal plate electrostatic precipitator technology has obvious economic advantages, the amount of steel consuming less electricity dust removal equipment to achieve the miniaturization.

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