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Several insecticides Jatropha handle gracilariid (Stomphastis thraustica Meyrick) and the virulence of microemulsion

Author LiGuanShuo
Tutor LiQing
School Sichuan Agricultural University
Course Pesticides
Keywords Jatropha handle gracilariid Emamectin benzoate Triazophos Microemulsion
CLC S482.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Jatropha handle gracilariid (Stomphastis thraustica Meyrick) is an important pest of Jatropha trees, insect larvae eat leaves potential hazards, with the growth of insect instar spots gradually expanded, which left a large number of black frass, individual serious harm All the leaves fall off, affecting the transport of water and inorganic salts, resulting in weak grower, seriously affecting the growth and development of Jatropha. Generations insect more serious overlapping generations, propagation speed, control is difficult. This test is designed by the different mechanisms of pesticides on Jatropha handle gracilariid virulence screening, selection and efficient conduct microemulsion pharmaceutical research, the use of ultra-fine micro-emulsion particles, permeability, water-based pesticide formulations meet trend characteristics, to avoid the drawbacks of traditional pesticide formulations, thereby strengthening Jatropha handle gracilariid prevention capabilities. The main work of this test and results are as follows: 1. Chemical screening: The test used five kinds of different mechanisms of drug triazophos, cypermethrin, monosultap, diflubenzuron and emamectin benzoate for early sieve, using impregnation and leaf dipping agents were determined on Jatropha handle fine moth eggs, larvae and two newly hatched larvae indoor biological activity. The results showed that: emamectin benzoate against 2nd instar larvae highest activity, 48h of LCso is 1.67mg / L, and triazophos, followed by eggs hatch but there is a strong inhibition by triazophos hatching eggs rate was 48.98%. So use emamectin benzoate and triazole compound phosphorus ratio screening. By co-toxicity coefficient method and the method of combining the mathematical model obtained emamectin benzoate and triazophos best ratio of 1:26.4, and through experimental verification of its CTC reached a maximum of 278.58, showing synergism in its After the development of complex formulations used in this ratio. 2 microemulsion processing: In this experiment, microemulsion structure theory as a guide for the microemulsion system components were systematically screened finalized 13.7% emamectin benzoate · triazophos optimal microemulsion formulation: A dimensional salt 0.5%, 13.2%, triazophos, solvent 5% -8%, compounded surfactant (Nongru 500: Nongru 600: E-1310 = 1:2:3) content of 24%, co-surfactant (n-butanol) content of 12%, water balance. 3 microemulsion quality testing: Refer to the relevant national standards, 13.7% emamectin benzoate · triazophos microemulsion were heat storage stability, refrigerated stability, emulsion stability, pH, and other indicators of measurement, test results meet the standard requirements. 4 microemulsion field efficiency test: 13.7% emamectin benzoate · triazophos microemulsion field trials, the results show that the micro-emulsion efficacy superior to EC, 1000,1500,2000 fold dilution efficiency defense 10d, respectively, 96.41%, 94.55% and 87.05%.

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