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Protection of immigrant rights Hydropower Project

Author LiXunHua
Tutor ZhangBo
School Northwest University of Science and Technology
Course Agriculture and Rural Development
Keywords Rural migrants hydropower project Rights Protection Mechanism innovation Right to use land Hydro Harmony
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2010
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Hydropower project immigration refers to the state due to beefing hydropower projects, development of hydropower resources to mobilize and organize the massive population migration and resettlement activities. Immigrants in hydropower projects, the vast majority of rural migrants, this thesis and medium-sized hydropower project for the study of rural migrants. Immigrants as hydropower project stakeholders for hydropower make a significant contribution at the same time, friends and relatives suffer separation, disintegration of social capital, production and living discomfort, pain and frustration, made a significant contribution. In the context of building a harmonious society, how to coordinate the migration and hydropower interests of owners and government relations and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of vulnerable groups immigrants protect their survival, development, equity rights and suffrage is an urgent problem. This thesis focus on immigration procedural rights and substantive protection of the rights of the main line, from all aspects of resettlement project proceed, using literature data, comparative study, research and other methods to construct hydropower projects immigrant rights protection mechanisms, overall protection from the macro migration survival, development, equity rights and the basic rights of suffrage. This study obtained the following main conclusions: First, the hydropower project construction process, the loss is more serious in rural immigrant rights, including substantive rights and procedural rights. Substantive rights of citizens, including the right to life, right to development and equitable rights. Procedural rights is mainly reflected in suffrage. Procedural rights are tools and approaches, substantive rights are often achieved through procedural rights. Second, rural migrants rights protection is a systematic project. It involves the resettlement planning, resettlement compensation, post support, immigrant participation, monitoring and evaluation, and several other major aspect of every stage of the process and are related to the rights and interests of rural migrant protection issues. Improve the resettlement planning, resettlement compensation, and other mechanisms to support post will help protect immigrant substantive interest in the participation of immigrants and improve mechanisms for the monitoring and evaluation mechanisms and help protect immigrant procedural rights. This establishment of a \Third, we must establish resettlement plan formulated by checks and balances. Hydropower projects need to seriously consider the interests of many stakeholders, need to build hydropower owners make plans, provincial migration management agency audit plan checks and balances. Meanwhile in the planning process and the introduction of social intermediary organizations to participate in supervision, planning and reasonable for the protection of migrants, effectiveness has an important role, so as to better safeguard migrant survival, development, equity rights. Fourth, rural migrants access to land development rights. Land acquisition, farmers lost their land use rights and land development rights, while land carrying the basic living security function, job security features, pension security features and capabilities along with the loss of health care, the need for farmers' land use rights and development the right to be compensated. Our government resettlement compensation standards for low risk migration sustainable livelihoods, land resources are very tight in the current case, the farmers right to use land resettlement regarded as a model of effective measures, consistent with the Party Central Committee's \results of the reform, \Fifth, the right to use land resettlement basis, resettlement support mode is divided into rural and urban immigrants Village late late support mode support mode. Should improve immigration policies and regulations, strengthen project supervision and management, enhance the social capital of immigrant communities, community leaders to play a dynamic role, a sound management system and the system, further strengthening the rural resettlement support efforts to safeguard the right to subsistence and development Migration. Sixth, immigration, hydropower owners, the government is most closely stakeholders. Rural migrants in immigration program is essentially a game process, but also an important manifestation safeguard their own interests. Public participation laws and regulations should be developed to enhance the participation of immigrants in capacity and efficiency, strengthen social supervision by public opinion and participation, improve the participation of immigrants in the interests of the dispute settlement mechanism, effectively safeguard their right to participate, right to know and to supervise. Seventh, resettlement monitoring and evaluation related to the participation of immigrants the right to information and to supervise implementation. Should adhere to the basic principles of monitoring and evaluation of resettlement, resettlement monitoring and evaluation to enhance institutional capacity building, focusing on the World Bank's monitoring and evaluation policy combined with China's national conditions, to establish a rational evaluation system for monitoring and evaluation. Immigrant communities not only attach importance to the sustainable development of community economic, social and cultural development, but also attach importance to immigrant psychological expectations. To combine the natural, social, economic, cultural environment and immigration and other indicators of psychological expectations, build a scientific and rational system of sustainable development indicators immigrant communities.

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