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Preparation of Silk Fibroin Peptide/ Polyethylene Glycol Compound and Study of Its Biocompatibility

Author ChenPeng
Tutor ChenZhongMin
School Chongqing University of Technology
Course Biomedical Engineering
Keywords Nanowire fibroin Polyethylene glycol Graft Biocompatibility
CLC R318.08
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Silk fibroin (Silk Fibroin, SF), a natural protein fiber , is one of the proteins of the human use of a very early . In recent years , numerous the study table Mingsi fibroin has good biocompatibility characteristics of the extremely slow degradation rate , low immunogenicity , a performance of biological materials . Silk fibroin , there are a variety of defects in the application process often regenerated silk fibroin (SF) modified , modified and become hot . Through polymer reaction using polyethylene glycol modified silk fibroin nanoscale , the development of a new type of biological material , and a preliminary study of its biological properties . First, extracted from the cocoon of pure silk fibroin , then digested by high concentrations of dissolved inorganic salts prepared nano- silk fibroin peptide ( SFP ) ; and then acylated polyethylene glycol , by a polymer reaction grafted onto the nanowire fibroin peptide molecules obtained by nanoscale silk fibroin peptide / polyethylene glycol composite compounds , the tests showed that the optimal feed ratio nanowire fibroin peptide with polyethylene glycol acylate 1 : 10 (mass volume ratio) , yield 93.8% (weight ratio) can be achieved . Silk fibroin peptide / polyethylene glycol compound of the nanoscale characterized using infrared spectroscopy , amino acid analysis , and amino acid analysis showed that the enzymatic not destroy the activity of the reaction zone of the silk fibroin . Infrared spectral characterization confirmed successfully grafted onto the polyethylene glycol nanowire fibroin peptide molecules . Nanoscale silk fibroin peptide / polyethylene glycol compounds , a performance test , wherein the solubility test showed that after the reaction the silk fibroin peptide enhanced stability , will not dissolve in the calcium chloride in the neutral salt solution . The in vitro cytotoxicity shows the preparation of the composite obtained for L-929 mouse fibroblast cells toxicity was evaluated as a 0 or a 1 , no cell toxicity , and also shows good promoting cell growth performance . Antibacterial experimental results show that the nanowire fibroin peptide before and after the reaction , E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus antibacterial effect . Therefore , nanowire FIBROIN / polyethylene glycol compound used as a biological material or a pharmaceutically acceptable polymer material application feasibility .

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