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The Analysis of the Nature of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the General Philosophy of Science’s Perspevitive

Author ZhaoWei
Tutor WanXiaoLong
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Philosophy of Science and Technology
Keywords Traditonal Chinese Medicine Classical Philosophy of Science Sociology of Scientific Knowledge Local Knowledge Culture
CLC R2-03
Type PhD thesis
Year 2011
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Since the western learning was carried over from the west to China, the legitimacy status of the Traditional Chinses Medicine (TCM) was often under attack. After several time’s dispute about the abolishment and reserve of TCM, it’s important to argument the validity and the rationality of the TCM from the scientific principle’s perspective. In my opiniom, the premise of a reasonable assessment of the TCM is that we must have a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of the nature of TCM, that is the keypoint about how to excavate、protect and develop TCM in the future. To this end, we need to carry out the metascience study of the TCM, to promoto the study of the philosophy and culture of the TCM, to provide a new perspective for the study of the nature of TCM, this can provide the epistemology and methodology support to establish the scientific and rational policy to re-energize the TCM. On the basis of a overall carding of the domestic and foreign scholars’study on the TCM, we point out that there was deviation on the study of the nature of TCM. We should utilize the resources of modern philosophy systematicly to reveal the nature of the TCM roundly.By the researches on the characteristics of the basic theory of the TCM and its philosophy base, we believe that theory of TCM is much understandable, but it is weakly reliable. The fundamental reason for this is the TCM’s analogical thinking, which runs through the formation and development of TCM, We need a dialectical view to the role what the analogical thinking played in the TCM, and we should play its rational side, to enhance its reliability.Currently, the domestic study on the nature of TCM is focused on three perspectives, namely, logic, social history and culture. According to the logic perspevtive, the nature of science is the nature of the scientific theory, they concerned about the theory results of science, based on physical science, advocated to establish artificial linguistic like the modern physical science’s language. On the view of the classical philosophy of science, the scientific theories are more supreme than any other things in science. The classical philosophy of science adheres to theory-dominated philosophy of science, which confirm the scientificity of theory through the analysis of the logic structure of theory and the experiences confirm. Some scholars have emphasized that the TCM’s theory is lack of the rigor of logic, clarity, and testability of experience.As to the social history perspective’s TCM research is mainly in virtue of non-classical theory of philosophy of science. Focused on the sociology of scientific knowledge and the philosophy of scientific practices, which interpret the nature of TCM from the practical perspective, and which emphasizes the effectiveness of the treatment of TCM and its "lacal"; as well as some scholars emphasizes the cultute nature of TCM’s treatment from the perspective of culture.The three research perspective bases on different theory of philosophy of science, and in fact their own theory point out the different intension of science.On logic perspective, the sicience been taken as scientific theory, so the nature of science is the nature of scientific theories; according to the social history perspective, the science is been regarded as scientific acticities (or practices); and from the perspective of culture, the science be treated as a sub-class of the whole human culture. But looking at the development of the whole medicine or the development of the whole science, some are theories, some are practices, some are cultures, and medicine is Trinitarian. On the researches, we should utilize the three perspective’s resouces of philosophy of science; and should descript the nature of TCM fully from the three levels.I believe, after hundred years’development, the theory of the philosophy of science could systematically analysize the theory of TCM on the basis of its accumulating theories and methods.

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