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The the classic literature of the Caha Taiwan Uighur \

Author PaErHaTi·TuErXun
Tutor ABuDuLuFu·FuLaTi
School Central University for Nationalities
Course Chinese classical literature
Keywords Chaghatay Uyghur manuscript Laili and Majnun Sufi poetry
CLC I207.9
Type PhD thesis
Year 2011
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Long poem layli and Majnun is a part of the Nizamiddin Alshir Nawayi’s monumental work Hamsa (five series),wrirren in Chaghatay Uyghur language. It is a most significant work in Chagatay Uyghur manuscripts. Since five hundred years Nawayi’s works have been a required course of the theological schools besides Qur’an and Hadis (The words and deeds of Mohammed and his disciples). So his ideas through his works merged into the traditional ideological system and cultural life, made profound influences on standards of value and aesthetic consciousness.Nawayi was not only acclaimed as a great thinker in the Uyghur history but also is in high repute worldwide. In 1991, United Nation Educational Scientific and Culture Organization announced the year for Nawayi’s year, and peoples of some countries celebrated five hundered and fifth birth year of Nawayi.Hamsa was written in Chaghatay Uyghur language in 1483~1485 at Heart, a city in modern western Afghanistan, is the acme of the Nawayi’s literary and artistic creation, brilliant achievements in the Islamic literature.Laili and Majun is a most concinnous long poem in the Hamsa with an strong literary appeal. The manuscript which on my hand is a very popular edition of Kazan published in 1911,71 pages,38 parts, 3614couplets of masnawi (two lines of verse, usually in the same meter and joined by rhyme),7228 lines written in Aruz rhythm of uyghur traditional poetry.The Love story between the Laili and Majnun widely known by uyghur and other muslims, originally an Arabic popular legend. Rewritten by so many muslim poets, such as Nizami, Jami, Husraw Dehliwi. But Nawayi’s Laili And Majnun much more skilled than others, because Nawayi accumulated the wealth of experience of them. But The pity is that Uyghur scholars did’t make enough research on that subject.In this dissertation, the Chaghatay Uyghur manuscript will be researched according to modern philological and linguistic principles. The study includes transcription of the text, partly Chinese translation, notes and glossary.In organization, the Chapter one intruduces the manuscript, provide a basic information. Chapter two discusses phonological and philological features. Chapter three placing the emphasis on the poetic formis, such as rhythm, meter, rhyme, rhetorical devices etc. focus on the Aruz meter used by Nawayi and its relationship between traditional Uyghur poetry. Chapter four discusses about Nawayi’s style of writing, how he used the metaphor, metonymy and other rhetorical devices. Chapter five focus on exploring the mystical philosophy in the Laili And Majnun. Nawayi is mistic Sufi poet, so most of his poems, full of symbolic images and metaphors, through these expressed mystical inner experience. Chapter six mainly focuses on the depressed mood in the Laili and Majnun. The love story of the Laili and Majnun is a most tragic story, so the author expressed a kind of fascination with tragedy and despair.

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