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Research on Planar Ultrasonic Motor Using Longitudinal-Bending Hybrid Modal and Driving Systems

Author HaoMing
Tutor ChenWeiShan
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords Plane ultrasonic motor Composite modal Longitudinal bending transducer Electrical match Drive system
CLC TM359.9
Type PhD thesis
Year 2009
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Ultrasonic motor (Ultrasonic Motor, USM) is nearly three decades developed a new type of piezoelectric actuators. Which utilizes the reverse piezoelectric effect of a piezoelectric ceramic, the electrical energy converted into the ultrasonic frequency micro-vibration, and further through the stator of the micro-mechanical vibration resonance zoom, overlay, and then the friction drive of the rotor (or movable element) macroscopic rotation (or linear motion). Compared with the traditional electromagnetic motors, ultrasonic motor has a simple structure, flexible design, a large degree of large torque, low-speed, response speed, high positioning accuracy, power outages from the lock and no electromagnetic interference, so in the aerospace, optical instruments , robotics, semiconductor manufacturing, medical equipment, office automation and automotive field has broad application prospects. The practical application of ultrasonic motor single-degree-of-freedom rotation or linear ultrasonic motor, multi-degree of freedom ultrasonic motor is still at the exploratory stage. This paper has developed a new planar multi-DOF ultrasonic motor and its electrical match and drive system. This paper presents a novel vertical bend composite mode planar multi-DOF ultrasonic motor structure and its drive mechanism. As drive it to the cross orthogonal concentrator, the longitudinal vibration and bending vibration all the way to be superimposed on a single drive foot by two in the same frequency, the driving enough to generate the required driving trajectory, and be able to drive the motor in the xOy plane, along any direction of linear motion. To drive foot as the research object, the establishment of a multi-degree of freedom rigid body driven trajectory analytical model plane parties in xOy up to produce linear drive input. Conducted a comprehensive analysis of the structural parameters of the drive to get the trend of the structural parameters of longitudinal vibration and bending vibration characteristic frequency characteristics of vertical bending mode frequency degeneracy. The finite element method and analytic model under the guidance of the vibration modes for the hard aluminum drive enough simulation trajectory of the rigid body driven enough to drive. Take eight dots in the driving surface of the drive foot, the typical drive mode is established eight drives particle trajectory Spectrum analysis of the various driving conditions, the driving effect of the consistency. Developed a single-drive foot vertical bending composite modal transducer driven multi-DOF planar ultrasonic motor prototype. The transducer impedance detection and vibration testing, experimental research and testing of the prototype, the longitudinal bending composite modal plane ultrasonic motor theory analysis and simulation research is correct. The measured motor maximum speed of 960mm / s, the maximum thrust of 100N. The ultrasonic motor resonance frequency separate electrical matching method. Ultrasonic motor drive switching power supply in order to avoid inspire non-work mode vibration motor, series inductance to filter out the high harmonics. Series inductance will produce resonance affecting the level of ultrasonic motor voltage electrical capacitive ultrasonic motor. Resonance frequency separate electrical matching method can be provided while ensuring the filtering effect, by adjusting the matching capacitance, inductance values, as required design the resonant boosting the amplitude of the motor, to ensure the stability of the motor working safety. Ultrasonic motor drive control system based on digital signal processors, digital wave synthesizer as ultrasound signal generator, full-bridge inverter amplifier. Phase adjustment range 0o ~ 360o, phase modulation accuracy of less than 1o; frequency adjustment range 15kHz ~ 150kHz, FM accuracy greater than 1Hz. The Design output power 500W.

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