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A Probe into the Scientific Realization of Contemporary Value of Marxism

Author YinHaiYan
Tutor ZhouXiangJun
School Shandong University
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords Marxism the contemporary value the scientific realization countermeasures
Type PhD thesis
Year 2011
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In this dissertation the subject centers upon "a probe into the scientific realization of contemporary value of Marxism", whose main purpose is to enable people to be equipped with contemporary vision, get a precise and comprehensive idea of Marxism, voluntarily accept Marxism on one’s own initiatives, furthermore, to reflect and ponder on problems on one’s own with Marxism viewpoints, to guide the socialist practice with the instruction of the developing Marxism theories, finally to offer insights into the solution of contemporary problems or issues. Hence, this dissertation is conceived and formulated, focusing on the following three sections:Inevitability of Scientific Realization of Contemporary Value of Marxism, its Feasibility and its Scientific Realization.The 21st century is mostly significantly characterized by globalization, where we people and our nation as well are faced with unprecedented challenges as well as opportunities, and numerous new issues arise in practice. In order to grasp the opportunities, cope with the challenges, and seek proper solutions to the newly arising problems in such ever-changing era, the dialogue between Marxism and the era must be carried out, new ideas must be brought forth to innovate Marxism, and to be further, contemporary value of Marxism must be scientifically realized with the help of globalization vision.Nowadays despite of great changes to era vision, the spatial and temporal structure, and problem ancestry of Marxism, the contemporary people cannot evade from them, let alone depart from its instructions, for Marxism has involved into part of background for contemporary thinking and ideology:its historical materialism is almost a commonplace in people’s daily life, and its dialectal materialism has become a useful methodological tool commonly applied in analysis and settlement of problems. Even today people gasp in admiration for its abundant knowledge, persuasive power, its great for see ability, and its being of truth. Major theories and thoughts of Marxism are still of general significance in theoretical guidance, though some of its specified theories have lost their existence roots in reality. Theoretical traits of Marxism determine its contemporary value, and the vigorous development of socialist China witnesses its great vitality, its comprehensiveness, thoroughness, being dignified, and sense of history makes its unique and distinctive value. Thus, even in the ever-changing contemporary society, Marxism still live in an exuberant life, as brightening as before, is still the guiding lamp to light up the marching path of socialism.The manifestation of contemporary value of Marxism is forms of multidimensional view. From the perspective of discipline, it can be value in philosophy, in plutonomy, in scientific socialism; From the perspective of nature, it can be value in ideology, methodology, and value system; From the perspective of time, it can be value in history and contemporary; On part of human beings, it can be value in inspiration, encouragement, seeking truth, pursuit of kindness, and being aesthetic. In sum, Marxism enjoys such value as criticism, reconstruction, forecasting, value guiding, thinking cohesion, spiritual pillars, and sentiment cultivation, etc. Here categorization of multiple manifestation of contemporary value of Marxism is the first highlight regarding the innovative ideas of this dissertation.The scientific realization of contemporary value of Marxism is an over-the-lip and ever-changing topic, and it demands continuous probe in practice, because firstly, marching history and advancing science and technology give rise to numerous new problems and conditions; Secondly, at different developing stage over different periods some concrete Marxism theories are out of date and hence require amending, innovation or to be discarded; Then, the historical mission of Marxism has not yet fulfilled, that is, capitalism is not yet terminated and communism will not established on a short-term period; Next, the current political institution of "two systems condition In a ball" makes it necessary that we shall give full embodiment of socialist superiority, and carry on the great cause of the socialism with Chinese Characteristics. The scientific realization of contemporary value of Marxism mainly involves three major issues:1) whether the subject can really accept Marxism; 2) whether the subject scientifically regards Marxism; 3) whether the subject can scientifically apply Marxism in practice. These three questions is the starting point as well as focus of attention for the probe into scientific realization of contemporary value of Marxism over different periods, and the classification of such three questions is exactly the second highlight in this dissertation. The three questions are closely related and inseparable. Acceptance and scientific treatment of problems presupposes scientific application in solutions to problems, while the latter is the purpose and ultimate orientation of the former. Embarking upon these three questions and referring to specific problems existing in practice, the dissertation analyzes the underlying roots problems lie in, and finally find out the countermeasures to resolve such problems.The whole dissertation is composed of six chapters, stressing on section of the scientific realization of contemporary value of Marxism. In chapter one, the Times meaning of scientific realization of contemporary value of Marxism are given an account, pointing out that it is an inevitable requirement to cope with challenges and opportunities in new era, and also the urgent need for the advance of great cause of the socialist with China’s characteristics, which is the necessity premise of scientific realization. In chapter two, objectivity and diversity of contemporary value of Marxism is elaborated on, pointing out that Marxism is still richful in the manifestation as well as its contemporary value, which is the feasibility premise of scientific realization. In chapter three, the problems lying ahead and their underlying causes in the course of scientific realization of contemporary value of Marxism are detailed, which bridges necessity and feasibility of realization and scientific realization, working as a connecting link between the preceding and the following.In chapter four and chapter five and chapter six, to-the-point countermeasures to problem acceptance, scientific treatment, and scientific realization of problem settlement are respectively offered, also all of which are the keynote and final foothold.In chapter four, knowledge related to communication studies and psychology is applied in reply to problem acceptance. Better Marxism acceptance effects can be achieved via the following four factors:raising more demanding requirements on part of disseminators, generating the initiatives of receivers, selecting appropriate transmission channel and methods. Meanwhile, various ways and methods the majority of Chinese embracers (i.e. CPC member and cadre, the youth and the masses) accept Marxism are described. The ideas in respect to acceptance of Marxism theory is the third highlight from the perspective of the innovative points in this dissertation.In chapter five, in response to how to treat Marxism, new Marxism is reconstructed under contemporary vision by combining Marxism theory with the contemporary pedigree and space-time continuum. The scientific connotation of Marxism demands new renewable comprehension and interpretation, and on basis of a better understanding and grasping the essence of Marxism, give new life to Marxism, hence apply the ever-developing Marxism in Socialist practice.In chapter six, the author offers the unique insight into the question of how to make a scientific application of Marxism From the perspective of the subject, the object, basic principles and main content. Practice is a kind of activity where the subject interacts with the object, and the key to the application of Marxism theory in socialist practice is the subject’s ability, hence it’s much important to cultivate a qualified subject in practice. Socialism nature, development stages, and developing impetus are the object of scientific realization, and having a clear picture of the object in practice is the anchor point of scientific realization; To facilitate forward sinicization of Marxism, to adhere to the people-centered and to carry out scientific outlook of development is the primary principle, and having a clearer and definite idea of such primary principle can guarantee the right direction to scientific realization, and also it can provide theoretical grounds for the sake of scientific realization of contemporary value of Marxism. Proceeding with the existing problems in the course of social development, we shall scientifically apply Marxism to guide daily practice, aim at the smooth settlement of problems in reality, strengthen the build-up of the socialist economy with unique China’s characteristics, complete democratic and political construction of socialist China, develop the socialist core value system, and build a more harmonious socialist society.

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