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Middle Chinese Adverb

Author LiXueYing
Tutor HeYaNan
School Nanjing Normal University
Course Chinese Philology
Keywords the Middle Ancient Chinese range adverbs degree adverbs modal adverbs
CLC H141
Type PhD thesis
Year 2011
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The adverbs of the Middle Ancient Chinese hand large inherited the Old Ancient Chinese, on the other hand, has achieved obvious changes and development. In view of the situation is more complex about the internal adverbs, not only can be divided into several small classes, and different adverbs in each small class has individual differences, we choose eight representative corpora in the Middle Ancient Chinese, in which the range adverbs, degree adverbs, modal adverbs are studied.We use exhausting statistics and various list ways, display and analyzed each small class of adverbs from the synchronic and diachronic two aspects. We summarizing each small class adverbs in semantic source of common and regular, and explore grammaticalized processes rule by using semantic analysis. Contacting the Old Ancient Chinese and the Modern Chinese, we analyze the usage of the main body of each small class adverbs, and compare the common use of differ adverbs, especially the nuances with common way.We find that, each small class adverbs had a core word, and the core word was often used frequently in the Old Ancient Chinese. This shows the Middle Ancient Chinese and the Old Ancient Chinese contact more closely. From the Middle Ancient Chinese to the Modern Chinese, the core words of each small class adverbs often change.Many adverbs in the Middle Ancient Chinese usually have multiple usages of kinds of adverbs. Meanwhile, the core words of each small class adverbs are often full-time adverbs. Adverbs caused by notional grammaticalization, with center plereme retirement and restrictive plereme highlights, the lexical meanings disappear and the notional words gradually become function words.

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