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Public interest theory

Author YangLiChun
Tutor YanFaShan
School Fudan University
Course Political Economics
Keywords public interest public goods analysis with game theory equilibrium
CLC F812.45
Type PhD thesis
Year 2011
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Public interest has a very broad concept, we still have no widely accepted definition, the legal meaning of public interest and coverage has been the lack of clearly defined. Despite difficulties in definition, but the public interest is real. The reason why the public interest as public interest in their meet people’s needs as the object is a public good, is a kind of non-competitive and non-exclusive items; public interest from a fundamental sense, is a person contains the social and material non-exclusive and non-competitive interests. Therefore, public goods to a large extent reflects the public interest. No matter what kind of society, both in the production of public goods, the supply process reflects the public interest. In this context, the provision of public goods through research process, you can achieve a more smooth way of achieving the public interest.Public interest depends on the public interests of the effective allocation and the public interests of the most main means, configuration is the production and supply of public products. Therefore, the supply of public products and services is the most main public interest distribution, to realize the content efficient allocation of public interest, it must ensure public product supply and to match demand, because of this, this paper will examine the supply of public products in focus.Based on the existing literature reading extensively at home and abroad on the basis of the theory of using existing, combining the need, analyses the problems of public interests misallocation, from the main way of public interests configuration of the supply of public products-based on our current public interests, the misallocation investigation, from public products supply and demand in the subject of interest game, this paper studied public interest failed to reach the reasons behind the allocation of public interests, analyzes the shortcomings of the management mechanism; According to economic research and game theory to benefit scholars analysis methods of constructing public managers, the utility function, establish interest gambling mathematical model, analyze the different managers incentive mechanism, reveals inadequate incentive mechanism for the public interest related subject distribution and use could harm and negative consequences; Finally from the macroscopic strategic, financial system, public products supply mode, and puts forward three aspects of China to realize efficient allocation of public interest policy recommendations. The main conclusions include:First, the source of relevant public interests and implementation of the conclusion. The core view is the realization of the public interest lies in the public interest to obtain effective allocation and the effective public products provide system arrangement to the realization of public interest is an important premise. Public management goal is to realize the public interests, and public management must rely on the government’s participation, namely tax by the government to provide public products. But the government supplies because it has many problems, such as efficiency, but also need the personal supplies, non-governmental organizations supply as a supplement.Second, the relevant local characteristics of unbalanced supplies the main conclusion facts.The viewpoint is that China’s local public products supply imbalances have not only the regional characteristics, and still exist structural imbalance, accordingly the local public products supply imbalances are classified and respectively on two types of public interests misallocation are summarized. Further studied Chinese public products have income effect and consumption effect, empirically analysed by using the data, so China confirmed by local public products supply imbalances exist the welfare effect loss, showing the new ways to increase income and expanding domestic demand new path lies in local public products supply level of ascension.Third, the relevant local public products supply imbalances microscopic affects its conclusion. The core idea is the game between interests subject is Chinese local public products supply of the internal imbalance. Through the application of model to illustrate the urban and rural pressure group urban and rural supply imbalances; Through the principal-agent model, collective action model and public choice model to analyze the structure of the public product supply imbalances. The core is the model of urban-rural benefit groups, the central government, grassroots governments and people of interest game between and among the country in public interest, therefore, misallocation to change China local public products supply imbalances needs not only national strategy, but also change the direction of change the examinational system basic unit government, shaping new motivation and restraint mechanism. If merely emphasizes the increase of grassroots financial investment, can alleviate the current public products supply imbalances, but can’t form a stable long-term mechanism.Fourth, the relevant Chinese public benefits balanced the configuration of the institutional arrangements of the conclusion. Core viewpoint is China public interest to achieve balanced configuration is a systematic engineering, not only need to provide mechanism reform, need more from macroscopic strategic, financial system, providing pattern three aspects system transformation. On macroscopic strategic transformation, to realize the balanced development strategy, regional balanced development strategy and the government leading balanced development strategy and implement government transformation, public products as the core to realize the examinational system; To construct public ChanPinXing financial system, realizing rational division between the government at all levels, financial expenditure structure to public products and financial transfer payment system consummation; Public products provide mode by single centers on how center mode to provide a mechanism model changes, by grassroots government as the main body in the central and provincial for ascension as a main body, constructing government farmers’benefit expressing mechanism and public participation mechanism and implement public products provide accountability system; Thus formed a set of promoting Chinese local public products supply policy advice and balanced measures.

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