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Discussion on the development of the western region of low-carbon economy and the construction of ecological civilization

Author LiuShuYang
Tutor ZuoLiuDe
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Of Scientific Philosophy
Keywords Low carbon economy Sustainable development The construction of ecological civilization
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Every age has a main problem to solve, society would be a big step forward when solved the problem,. Humans entered the 21st century, facing a major problem is ecological problems. With the increasing growth of population and economic advance by leaps and bounds, increasingly serious deterioration of the environment problem has evoked people’s attention. Global warming, serious soil erosion, desertification, the ozone layer is destroyed, flooding, vegetation, plus a substantial reduction in 2008, the impact of the global financial tsunami, social employment pressure increase, people start to economic development mode and own actions reflectively, reposition the relationship between man and nature. Is human knowlege on the nature is an unlimited rapacious led to the relationship between man and nature of tension, long-term since, people by the industrial revolution of high carbon idea deeply influence, just keep in the pursuit of economic development, take is extensive growth mode, wasted natural resources, also pollutes the ecological environment. At present, the relationship between man and nature is contradction between natural resources per capita reduced and the earth’s ecology imbalances. In this global background, it is urgent to maintain good human common homeland-the earth, human survival without natural resources of supply, if no good ecological environment and human economic development is mentioned. But the human nor in order to maintain the living environment and give up the development of itself, so, low carbon economy theory arises at the historic moment. In Britain the future of our white paper "energy:create low-carbon economy", was first put forward low-carbon economy this statement, then gradually become guide the development of the world economy model of upsurge of. Low carbon economy is the global warming, under the situation of limiting carbon dioxide emissions a kind of economic growth mode, main advocate speed up production process of energy conservation and emission reduction, development and use of renewable energy, reduce the high carbon energy in the energy structure of the proportion of the, change life concept and consumption model, advocating economy, oppose extravagance and waste.This article starts from the meaning and the development of low-carbon economy, takes the writing ideas of discover the problem - analyze the problem - solve the problem. firstly analyzes the main content of low-carbon economy, puts forward the understanding of low-carbon economy, elaborates the relationship between the development of low carbon economy and building a socialist ecological civilization, the significance of developing the low-carbon economy for building an ecological civilization. Subsequently, analyzes the plight and choices of developing low-carbon economy in western China. Consists of the problems and the solving paths of developing low-carbon economy in the western region. Based on the characteristics of the Industrial structure in western region, introduces the practical methods of developing low-carbon agriculture, low-carbon industry, low-carbon service in the western region. The specific methods of developing low carbon agriculture in the western region generally are:improving the traditional mode of production; establishing ecological grassland pastures, scientifically developing mountain and farmland, developing biogas technology, planting-breeding industrialization; the main methods of developing the low carbon industry in the western region are:cleaning producing and resource reproduction; the main methods of developing low-carbon services in the western region are:developing the low-carbon logistics industry, accelerating the low-carbon tourism and normalizing the low-carbon services. Finally, elaborates additionally the significance of the development of low-carbon economy, the development of ecological civilization and the specific measures. Summarizes the significance, feasibility and prospects of developing the low-carbon economy in western China, In the current context of global environmental change, developing the low-carbon economy is the inevitable choice to pursue a green economy, is a guarantee to achieve harmony between man and nature.

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