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Research on Technical Standardization from the Perspective of Science and Technology Studies

Author ZuoHan
Tutor ShengXiaoMing
School Zhejiang University
Course Of Scientific Philosophy
Keywords Technology standard Technical standardization Science Technology Objectivity
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2009
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Technical standards is a historical phenomenon, it is with the generation of human civilization, and change with changing times. With the rise of the Western Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution, the technical standards from local, natural, single former technical standardization period turned to globalization, complex black box technology standardization period. During the technical standards of technical standardization in the build process tends to form a black box (Black Box), making it difficult to true perspective of its internal structure is difficult to observe the generation process, difficult to grasp the complexity of the face, especially the hegemonic face. Therefore, the current trend of the development of technical standards has made two major research tasks: First Research Initiative of technical standards, explore the formation and expansion of technical standards; second is critical cognitive technical standards, to grasp technical standards real face . However, both the technical standardization of approach can not cope with the current technical standards development trend of the two tasks. Technical engineering research approach is not only a functionalist perspective, and a technology decision logic ', a direct result of the technical engineering studies toward the end of the technological determinism. Theoretical assumptions of economics studies the economic rationality of the approach and the closed system, functionalist perspective and preceding the theory assumes that decided the neglect of the study of economics research approach on technology standardization process. In addition, the economics inherently lack the critical theoretical character economics research can not assume the critical cognitive task of technical standardization. For this reason, this article from the Science and Technology On approach to cut into the technical standardization issues, and the lack of theory research technology standards for existing science and technology, organic combination by two broad perspective on the social studies of science and technology and cultural studies, and into the field theory of Bourdieu (Field Theory), creatively proposed analytical framework of the the technical standard practice '. Analytical framework based on the science and technology on the technical standard practice 'technical standards as a \observe the technical standardization of game, into the field of power into the technical standardization process, understanding and grasp of technical standardization process and the real face. In the horizons of science and technology on the analytical framework based on the technical standard practice ', through the analysis of the case of technical standardization of RFID technology standards, and breast cancer risk detection standards, has proposed four major conclusions of the technical standardization, thus forming complete cognitive system of the formation and expansion of technical standards. In the fifth chapter of \The technical standards are not universal objectivity, it's just a local technology solutions, technology standardization process can not be separated from the local production, go local and go to the scene of the efforts to wipe it away to the local characteristics. Chapter VI \Technical standards need rhetoric, rhetorical ability to directly influence the influence and the expansion of the scope of the technical standards, the technology is not so much the decisive elements of the technical standards, might as well say it's a rhetorical device. Chapter VII Network Construction, presented the conclusions of the technical standards: technical standardization process is the the actors network construction process, the technical standardization competition is competition between the different actors in the network. Who weave the network more strong and flexible, its standards is even more competitive, the the network woven ability depends on the interests of the network of actors translational mechanisms and alliance strategy. Chapter 8 \Expansion of technical standards is often at the center of the West to the East marginalized expansion, this expansion will cause local resistance, such resistance is often a balance of power struggle, and this struggle is the essence of competition for related industries voice and pricing. The technical standardization four conclusions raised This article marks the completion of a study of the complete life cycle of technical standards. In this paper, the study of the technical standards for the entire life cycle, complete of technical standards and objectivity. The paper pointed out that technical standards are the best means of objectivity, such objectivity is not a Descartes sense of \objectivity \This form of objectivity perspective, position, and non-neutral, it is combined with elements of authority with the process of its formation is a process of expansion of the center to the edge. Technical standards in the form of objectivity while also completed the shaping of their own objectivity. Therefore, the technical standard does not have a priori or transcendental epistemological status. If it objectivity, it can only belong to a \Technical standards often only have a reasonable and effectiveness, it is not the same as the default of the master of the truth \China rise of great powers need the strong support of the scientific and technological level, but also need the support of the powerful system of technical standards. However, in the the existing unequal international standardization order, the development of China's standardized encountered the plight of the standardization of technology development, many independent standard conditions of the beleaguered \Thus, in the final analysis based on the technical standard practice 'framework and technical standardization conclusions responded to the plight of Chinese technology standardization issues, and propose four strategies of Chinese technology standardization, and the final completion of the standardization of technology from theory to practice On Science and Technology Research.

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