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Studies on the Protein Tyrosine Phosphatome and the Biological Functions of MTM3 in Caenorhabditis Elegans

Author MaJunFeng
Tutor ZhaoZhiZhuang;FuXueQi
School Jilin University
Course Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy
Keywords C. elegans Protein tyrosine phosphatase Myotubes fibroin Phosphoinositide Sarcopenia
Type PhD thesis
Year 2009
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Protein tyrosine phosphatases play a very critical role in cell signaling processes , with the occurrence of a variety of human diseases , the development is closely related . More and more attention has been paid for the study of the PTPs biological function has , C. elegans has proven to be an excellent model organism , can be used to study the PTPs biological functions and related signal transduction pathways . First of all, we apply the database resources from the C. elegans genome search has been encoded protein tyrosine phosphatase gene , collation and analysis of these genes and their encoded proteins . We found that , relative of humans and other species , C. elegans , with a very large group of PTP , consists of 127 members , and found that C. elegans the PTPs has a very high diversity after sequence alignment , 27 serine activity the center bit point PTPs is not found in other species . The addition of C. elegans MTM has FYVE domain family of enzymes ceMTM3 cloning , expression , antibody preparation and characterization of biochemical properties , and found a new ceMTM3 genetic subtypes and prove ceMTM3 role in substrate phosphorylation the D3 locus inositol . The ceMTM3 gene RNA interference in C. elegans athletic ability in the adult stage after by serious damage ceMTM3 plays an important role in C. elegans muscle retention , this provides an excellent study of human sarcopenia model and lay a good foundation .

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