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The Retrieval of Precipitation over Land in China with TRMM/TMI Microwave Data by Using Physical Algorithm

Author WangXiaoLan
Tutor ChengMingHu
School Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences
Course Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Environment
Keywords MM5 model Radiative transfer model of the M-C Cloud - radiation data sets Gprof algorithm
CLC P426.6
Type PhD thesis
Year 2009
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MM5 mesoscale model to simulate the land 11 scale precipitation cases to obtain a profile of precipitation, these precipitation profiles upstream radiation brightness temperature calculated by the Monte-Carlo three-dimensional radiative transfer model to construct the initial cloud - radiation database. Table and comprehensive criteria for methods to control the initial database and derive Database_m11, Database_m12, Database_m21, Database_m22 of four data sets, as the gprof anti algorithms priori database. Strong inversion July 2007, three heavy precipitation process ground rain, and strong comparison with three empirical algorithm inversion the the TMI 2A12 Products and NESDIS, GSCAT, PCT-SI rain, found the ground Database_m12 involved in the inversion rainfall intensity is closer to the result of the TMI 2A12, significantly better than the use the data set Database_m11 obtained inversion results, and even better than the three empirical algorithm inversion results; the use database Database_m22 obtained results more than Database_m21, close to the result of the TMI 2A12. PR 2A25 products the rainfall intensity rain ALGORITHM strong to do a comprehensive inspection found the best overall TMI 2A12 Products on rain effect. The each database, Database_m12 the inversion effect is better. The table control the database Database_m11 and Database_m12 inversion rainfall intensity better than comprehensive criteria for control the database Database_m21 and Database_m22 the inversion effect. And use the inversion of database Database_m21 and Database_m22 ground rain usually large performance. Inversion terrestrial S-band radar rainfall intensity test the effect of the algorithm, the physical results of the algorithm with the ground radar results significantly higher than the experience algorithm, the average relative deviation is also smaller, more stable inversion effect, Database_m12 The inversion effect is even better than gprof 6.0 algorithm inversion effect. This is because the database of Database_m12 GPROF 6.0 algorithm table, which contains the profile of Chinese land, especially in the area of ??Meiyu front precipitation characteristics of precipitation profiles. Precipitation using a rain gauge observed by inspection algorithm inversion effect, inversion results displayed database Database_m21 and Database_m22 relatively good. Experience algorithm PCT-SI Composite Index is one example of these three precipitation inversion effect is more stable, better than the other two empirical algorithm. Precipitation database Database_m12 participation inversion (pw) on the vertical distribution and content with the the TMI 2A12 results and ground radar inversion results are very consistent with liquid water and cloud water (cw), cloud ice (ci) and falling ice (pi) and TMI inversion results are closer to the vertical height distribution, where the maximum height of the content of hydrometeors were also the same content are higher than the results of TMI. The hydrometeors vertical structure using three data sets inversion using results Database_m12 in vertical structure is basically the same, while the low precipitation (pw) content. Database of comprehensive criteria for control of liquid water inversion inversion and ground-based radar precipitation position closest to the location. The study also found that the database Database_m21 and Database_m22 moderate intensity precipitation of less than 0.01mm/hr profile filter, the ground rainfall intensity inversion results, and the test showed that filtered database inversion effect is slightly better. The inversion of the vertical profile of hydrometeors can also receive better results, and the computation time is reduced by 1/4. In summary, the Institute established physical algorithm is successful, can be used as a useful attempt development of microwave brightness temperature inversion the ground rain and hydrometeors profile physical.

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