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Study on Fissure Grouting Rinforcement of Cliff of Jiaohe Ancient City

Author HeFaGuo
Tutor HanWenFeng;ZuoWenWu
School Lanzhou University
Course Geological Engineering
Keywords Jiaohegucheng Earthen ruins carrier Fracture grouting Grouting material Experimental study Engineering properties Quality testing
CLC P642
Type PhD thesis
Year 2009
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China is a big country earthen ruins, there are 43 national key cultural relics units only in the arid area of ??Northwest legacy, the provincial key cultural relics units at more than 360. Soil conservation of sites under threat due to the impact of changes in natural conditions and human activities, even on the verge of the danger of destruction. Earthen ruins by the body and the carrier body protection technology is now very mature, and the reinforcement of the protection of the carrier of a late start. The earthen ruins carrier stability control body preservation value. Fissures major diseases affecting soil sites stable carrier. The development of cracks, the development will result in the carrier slope deformation and failure. Grouting cracks, cracks can prevent further development, and improve the overall stability of the carrier. What kind of grouting materials and grouting grouting grouting effect detection the earthen ruins carrier reinforcement key issues. The Jiaohe Ruins of Homeland ruins arid area of ??Northwest earthen ruins a typical representative of the cliff cracks are well developed. Its the fracture grouting technology for soil ruins carrier fracture grouting reinforcement is an important reference significance. This article is from the point of view of geological engineering, rescue protection engineering and other disciplines, new concepts for the protection of cultural relics, combined with the theories and methods of geology, environmental science, materials science and other related disciplines cross fissures on the the Jiaohe ruins of the cliff conducted a survey, laboratory and reinforcement mechanism of grouting material, the numerical simulation on the stability of the cliff before and after grouting, the the fracture grouting process research in the typical Jiaohegucheng cliff area, to optimize the filling process and filling key steps, the use of the Rayleigh wave method to detect the grouting effect, and achieve better detection results of the success stories for the the earthen ruins carrier fracture grouting reinforcement. Research is divided into the following sections: 1. Investigation Jiaohegucheng the cliff disease type, to identify the fractured condition of the the East Cliff Jiaohegucheng Typical area of ??fissure type, causes a summary analysis, summed up the law of the cliff fractured. Studies have shown that, Jiaohegucheng the cliff to the development of cracks as the main diseases, the development of cracks lead to the destruction of the cliff slip, collapse, dumping. Fracture type to unloading cracks, fissures extending length of up to 50m, open reach 80cm. 2. 41-5 sub-region fracture grouting on the typical Jiaohegucheng Cliff body before and after grouting numerical simulation and calculation results show that: before grouting the cliff in the limit equilibrium state, the bottom of the cliff there is a potential broken line slip plane, the cliff the stability coefficient of 1.014, the stability coefficient increased to 1.090 after grouting. The fracture filling main role is to fracture filling, to prevent further weathering of the fractured some extent, improve the stability of the cliff. 3. Indoor pilot study on grouting material of PS and PS-(CF) engineering properties and mechanism of action of slurry and soil content the PS material reinforced mechanical strength test of the Old City site soil and the ancient ruins of the Great Wall of soil, water management test, durable test, comprehensive proficiency test and reinforcement mechanism of PS-(CF), the mechanical properties of the material, water stability, durability test test, as well as the role of soil slurry poured into the soil. Obtain a comprehensive understanding of the grouting material to prove that the filling material has good engineering properties, suitable for soil sites carrier protection reinforcement works. 4. Contrast grouting grouting and grouting materials and conditions of application and application of the principles, by fracture grouting on the cliff Jiaohegucheng body to conduct a comprehensive investigation and analysis, the construction process, construction aspects of the procedure has been optimized and to verify the practical effect of the process through specific typical regional Cliff body fracture grouting instance, a reasonable construction for the earthen ruins carrier fracture grouting process. 5. Multi-channel transient surface wave technology, different space and time during the grouting process, to detect the effect of contrast on the cliff cracks before and after grouting, grouting effect to determine the wave velocity changes. The results show that the multi-channel transient surface wave technology is applicable to detect on the the earthen ruins carrier fracture grouting effect.

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