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Study on the Practices of the Olympic Education in Primary and Secondary School of Beijing

Author ZhangLei
Tutor GeChunLin
School Beijing Sport University
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords education in primary and secondary schools Olympic education education practices symbolic interactionism qualitative research
CLC G633.96
Type PhD thesis
Year 2008
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The Olympic education is an important part of the pre-work of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games,therefore,great efforts should be paid to the Olympic education in Beijing schools since it is not only necessary for bringing about a successful session of Olympic Games,but also for meeting the urgent demand of educational reform needed for modern education.Study on the relation between implementing the Olympic education and the routine work of the schools and investigating the values and effects of the Olympic education in the implementing process are of great practical importance and theoretical significance.This study used the symbolic intefactionism as the basic analytical method,combined with the qualitative research.The data used in this paper mainly collected from field investigation.The comprehensive study of the individual case along with the description of great amount of other cases aims at reconstruct the original“story”,gives a vivid landscape of the practices of Olympic education in primary schools and secondary schools of Beijing and deducts the adequate position and the concrete effects of this specific education,shows the main characters,the influential factors of it and suggests the choosing tactics in implementing this education.Based on the above work,we got the preliminary model of Olympic education in primary and secondary schools and by using“grounded theory”to construct,we have the following conclusion:1.Olympic education gives the developing chances for schools.This could be shown in the case of Yang Fangdian Center Primary School in the Haidian district and other schools of Beijing,where they highlighted they school characters and merits through promoting Olympic education and enhanced they school grade.These cases proved that Olympic education can promote the enhancement of the comprehensive merits of the students, imbue vigor to the school development and could be considered as one of the“catalyst”of educational development. 2.By creating and utilizing“symbol”,the interacting relation of the“intersubjective”established in the Olympic education activities. Physical education should be considered as the carrier of interaction and the moral education the core of interaction.Olympic Education Model Schools promoted the formation of interaction and the“Heart-to-heart”Partnership Program there expanded the time and space of interaction, inspired the exchanging mechanism of poly-culture.3.The main characters of the Olympic education in primary and secondary schools in Beijing are:vivid practices;stressing on physical education; strong characters in districts;abundant in creativity and open in time and space.4.Olympic education provides a positive interaction platform for schools,families and the social communities.It promotes the establishment of a cordial relation between teachers and students and the links between schools and students families.It also do favor of the formation of an open social interaction mechanism gives the education performers the opportunities to reexamine their educational conceptions and in favorable to the formation of time and space openness of education and with it the formation of schools with merits and characters.5.In the process of the implementing of Olympic education,schools, families and social communities will have different parts to play. Upgrade educational environment and make full use of the social facilities will give supports to the school Olympic education from the outside and to satisfy the various needs so as to realize the desired goals of the Olympic education is the key factor from the inside.6.Olympic education is now in the process from the exterior spur given by the authorities to the“educational option”gradually actively accepted by the educational performers.Combining the pursuing of the value of Olympic education with the routine educational conception and cultural construction,accepting the new educational notion,making full use of the educational facilities,reforming the administration of schools are effective ways to give impulsion to the sustainable development of school education and the comprehensive development of students. 7.Take life,environment and responsibility as topics and construct the preliminary“Three Factors model”of Olympic education which will exert positive influence in promoting the harmonious relation among people and between man and nature and also man and society.

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