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Research on Some Key Techniques of Rapid Prototyping Processing Software

Author LiuBing
Tutor MoJianHuaï¼›ZhangLiChao
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Materials Processing Engineering
Keywords Rapid Prototyping Software Architecture STL file Boolean operations Selective Laser Sintering Selective laser melting Heat source to balance the support
CLC TP311.52
Type PhD thesis
Year 2009
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Rapid prototyping software architecture, the core algorithm and process algorithm research, including off-line rapid prototyping software architecture, STL (Stereo Lithography) of Boolean operations algorithm, rapid prototyping process algorithm and selective laser sintering parts The four aspects of the accuracy of the method. Theory and results, not only a contribution to the rapid prototyping software and devices raise the level of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and provide a strong support for the rapid prototyping technology development in China. Order to adapt to the rapid prototyping technology advances and processing methods of innovation, according to the field of engineering, component-oriented thinking, research and the development of a unified architecture for rapid prototyping software, it is based on a layered architecture supporting platform and fields refined stepwise refinement ideas, including process planning software and system control software. The software system can shorten the software development cycle, rapid prototyping processing method and device model change can improve the quality of software development. The software system has been successfully applied in a variety of Huazhong University of Science and Technology R \u0026 D rapid prototyping device, and achieved good results. Rapid prototyping process planning software many advanced and core functions must be by means of Boolean operations on STL model, domestic scholars, however, for the study of this issue is still in the initial stage, the efficiency and stability of the algorithm than the poor. Wen accurate spatial discretization method to quickly find the minimum set of triangular facets may be involved in the intersection operation, greatly reducing the number of intersection between triangular facets, significantly improve the efficiency of the algorithm. Seven tuple data structure records cross the line segments. Topological relations based on STL files quickly and accurately extract the chain and the line of intersection of the line of intersection ring to avoid tolerance method to extract. Judge rays to triangular facets to the distance to determine the positional relationship of the triangular facets and each region. To avoid ambiguity position to determine the positional relationship between the ambiguity. Finally, the corresponding region of the re-triangulation Boolean operations. The efficiency and stability of the algorithm have reached the level the RP industry's best software magics RP's. Based on the rapid prototyping process development needs, the variable scan vector process path algorithm, the scan mode allows selective laser melting parts forming process fully melted, improved formability and quality of the parts. The path tracing algorithm based fractal scanning process to achieve a two-dimensional arbitrary contour fractal curve-filled, the scan mode allows selective laser sintering parts of the density has been improved greatly. Realized mask based on PowerRP software system light-curing process planning software and solve the technological problems. Warpage of the parts is a the devastating phenomenon common in the polymers selective laser sintering process, reasonable inhibition of this phenomenon is the key to improve SLS forming precision. This article analyzes and summarizes the the warp causes and the law of development of the warping phenomenon support using heat balance method to solve the deformation process which led to the non-uniformity of the temperature field stress field uneven eventually cause warpage parts the problem. Heat source-balanced by the support on the style and choice of parameters need to consider factors such as the material's physical properties, chemical properties, shrinkage generated by interaction of the material with a laser and thermal conductivity and, more importantly, is the heat source-balanced by the support as much as possible to maintain the uniformity of the temperature field and relatively easily be removed. This method has been successfully applied in polystyrene and nylon material forming, and achieved very good results.

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