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Light-curing dimensional printing rapid prototyping key technology research

Author LiuHouCai
Tutor MoJianHua
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Materials Processing Engineering
Keywords Rapid Prototyping Light-cured three dimensional printing Forming mechanism Data Compression Multi-objective optimization
CLC TP334.8
Type PhD thesis
Year 2009
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With economic globalization, market competition will become more intense, products can respond quickly to market competition has become the key to victory or defeat, therefore, to improve the success rate of new product development, reduce product development time and costs of rapid forming equipment demand will grow. With rapid prototyping technology compared to other mainstream 3D printing rapid prototyping technology in the forming speed, formable material type, equipment prices, operating and maintenance costs, and so has obvious advantages, with good development potential and broad prospects, represents the most rapidly forming technology development direction. According to three-dimensional printing rapid prototyping technology trends, combined with China's industrial production needs, this paper carried out a three-dimensional light-cured printing rapid prototyping technology research, to develop a proprietary three-dimensional printing economical curing rapid prototyping devices. The main research contents are as follows: spray droplets forming on the surface of the expansion and re-integration process of the theoretical analysis, the authors determined by calculating the design of light-cured dimensional printing in rapid prototyping system, XY plane on the actual print resolution rate shall be no less than 300dpi, Z-axis direction forming the smallest thickness of 0.011mm. Printing Quick light-cured material is cured during the forming process a theoretical analysis, the maximum depth and the UV curing lamp the relation between the moving speed, and print head along the X-axis velocity and slice thickness should satisfy the relationship. Based on warranty performance and reduce the cost of the device hardware ideas, for a light-cured dimensional printing rapid prototyping prototype mechanical systems, control hardware and control software system's overall planning and structural design, developed with independent intellectual property rights of light-cured three-dimensional rapid prototyping equipment foundation. According curing dimensional printing rapid prototyping technology forming monolayer of control required number of states, using a two monochrome bitmap to represent three-dimensional printing curing rapid prototyping system-level data, a representation entity data, another a table showing the supporting data. Bitmap data generated using the scan line fill method, combined with the CAD model in rapid prototyping system obtained by slicing contour ring characteristics of the data, we propose a bitmap based on contour edge generation algorithm. The bitmap generation algorithm solves the active side of the table with a conventional method is difficult to judge and deal when the scan line through the horizontal contour edge singularity problem arising. This method is based on the realization of three-dimensional light-curing printing rapid prototyping level entity bitmap bitmap generation algorithm and support fast algorithm. According curing dimensional printing in rapid prototyping system level bitmap data characteristics and common lossless compression method bitmap data deficiencies, is designed based on the bitmap data bytes lossless compression method. The bitmap compression method takes advantage of three-dimensional printing curing level rapid prototyping system bitmap data characteristics, compression ratio, after multiple CAD model comparison bitmap data compression, the minimum compression ratio of 12.1:1 , the maximum compression ratio of 53.9:1. The bitmap bitmap compression method on data compression and decompression process, does not require complex calculations, fast, less time-consuming, light-cured printing rapid prototyping system that there are hundreds of layers bitmap data need to be processed occasion not constitute bottlenecks, to better meet the light-cured three dimensional printing in rapid prototyping system for data compression requirements. Analysis of the multi-objective optimization algorithm benchmark - the second generation of non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm, this paper proposes a corresponding improvement measures put forward on the basis of a new multi-objective optimization algorithm - even non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm. The simulation tests show that even non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm in solving accuracy, computational efficiency and avoidance algorithms trapped in local optimal solution has obvious advantages. Study the curing process three dimensional printing rapid prototyping parts production direction workpiece surface quality, support and production time required impact. Proposed will be based on the principle of Pareto optimal multi-objective optimization method is used to produce parts new idea for solving optimization direction. This paper presents a uniform non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm optimization parts production direction, indicating that not only can be obtained than single-objective optimization method better parts production direction, but also in an optimization calculation can get more in a certain weight optimal allocation of production under the direction of the part.

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