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Study on the Synthesis of Metalloporphyrin and Multi-chiral Schiff-base Complexes and Their Catalytic Properties in the Coupling Reaction of Carbon Dioxide with Epoxides

Author JinLiLi
Tutor LiuZhongLi;JingHuanWang
School Lanzhou University
Course Organic Chemistry
Keywords Metalloporphyrins Multiple chiral Schiff base cobalt complexes Phenyl trimethyl ammonium bromide (PTAT) Carbon dioxide Epoxy compounds Coupling reaction
CLC O643.32
Type PhD thesis
Year 2008
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Chemical fixation can take advantage of inexpensive carbon resources and reduce greenhouse gas carbon dioxide , so either from the economy or from the environment are subject to the attention of the people . The cyclic carbonate is one of the fixed product of the carbon dioxide chemical , cyclic carbonate widely used in the synthesis of organic intermediates , aprotic polar solvents , in biomedical precursor , as well as engineering plastics raw materials . Catalyzed asymmetric synthesis is one of today 's Organic Chemistry frontier provides a new opportunity for the preparation of enantiomerically pure chiral drugs and chiral material . An optically active cyclic carbonic ester as the chiral starting material , can be used for the synthesis of optically active diol compounds , and so on . The papers from each of the four aspects of the synthesis of the cyclic carbonate optically active cyclic carbonates . (1) Metal porphyrin -catalyzed coupling reaction of carbon dioxide with the epoxy compound , respectively, discussed the different catalyst , co-catalyst , a counter ion, the influence of metal ions on the reaction , research found that when using the Co (III ) TPPOAc / PTAT catalytic system, at room temperature , the epoxy compound substituted by the various end can be obtained in high yield the corresponding cyclic carbonate . (2) as catalyst ruthenium porphyrin complex Ru (TPP) ( the PPh 3 < / sub >) 2 , PTAT as co-catalysts , EDA is the cocatalyst without adding any solvent 333K, 667KPa under mild conditions , it is possible to make the carbon dioxide and an epoxy compound to the coupling reaction , to give the corresponding cyclic carbonate in a high yield . (3) as a starting material , a chiral amino acids and the chiral binaphthol After several reaction synthesis of chiral macrocyclic porphyrin compounds , with the PTAT Preliminary Investigation of the Chiral Synthesis of the cyclic carbonate , but only moderate ee values ??. (4) to the chiral binaphthol as a starting material , synthesis of more than 33 chiral compounds of the Schiff base , including 27 novel compounds were applied to the carbon dioxide with the epoxy compound and trivalent metal catalyst asymmetric cycloaddition reactions , the research found that when the dual - catalyst system the 2b/9b PTAT formed catalyst the cyclopropene carbonate ee value at 0 ℃ can reach 87 % and 90% at -20 ℃ catalyst 9b as a catalyst , ring propylene carbonate ee values ??of up to 95% .

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