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Krenek String Quartet in the twelve-tone technique

Author PangLi
Tutor ZouJianPing
School Nanjing Arts Institute
Course Composer and composition theory
Keywords Krenek Twelve-tone technique String Quartet The principle of a single sequence Motivation Rotation replacement Complex style collage
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2009
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Ernst Krenek (Ernst Krenek ,1900-1991), Austrian-American composer , conductor and pianist , music critic and music educator . He composed a large number of works of various genres , the twelve-tone technique is one of his longest , most techniques of creative works . Krenek created a total of eight string quartets, sixth , seventh, eighth , three string quartets are writing from the twelve-tone technique . The three works were written in different periods of Three Pieces for String Quartet twelve-tone technique at different stages of manifestation , is of great significance for the understanding of the composer's creative ideas, the evolution of the style characteristics . The paper is constituted by the introduction, five chapters , the conclusion : Introduction overview of Klinefelter 's life , artistic achievement and eight string quartets . The carding and eight string quartets embracing summary of his twelve-tone works and sort out the related concepts . The first chapter broadly expounded the Sixth String Quartet creative background, the use of Sixth String Quartet strict twelve-tone single sequence principle , focus on a single sequence in the analysis of the initial pitch change, that potential tonality and 10 two tone theme morphology . Chapter II roughly elaborated Seventh String Quartet creation of background sound level set theory analysis of a group of three-tone pitch replacement relations unified throughout the whole song ideas, as well as the theme clip pitch replacement free twelve-tone theme form . Chapter roughly elaborate Eighth String Quartet creation of background , the song is the main use of free twelve-tone multi - style material collage techniques are combined and form a new organic unity . Chapter twelve-tone technique based on the characteristics of the three works in harmony , musical form , polyphony , orchestration , texture , rhythm embracing comb . Chapter manifestation of the three works to the evolution of Krenek expand the ideas and concepts of the twelve-tone technique . Conclusion In concluding remarks based on exploring the aesthetic significance of the composer develop ideas . , But also fully affirmed the revelation of the Krenek twelve-tone techniques to expand the role of his ideas to contemporary creation .

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