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Systemic Functional Stylistic Analysis of Mrs. Dalloway

Author GuanShuHong
Tutor MeiDeMing
School Shanghai International Studies University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Stream of Consciousness Novel Systemic Functional Linguistics Evaluation theory Narratology Functional Stylistics Criticism Stylistics Feminist Stylistics Mrs Dalloway
Type PhD thesis
Year 2009
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Currently, literary criticism and stylistic analysis, interpretation of literary works two means. Most scholars analyze literary works from the perspective of literary criticism, more and more scholars linguistic theory stylistic analysis of literary works, but the few scholars to analyze the stream of consciousness novel theory of linguistics. The study attempts to provide a theoretical analysis of the system function Stylistics Virginia Woolf's famous stream of consciousness novel \The theoretical basis of the study is a systemic functional linguistics, especially Martin evaluation theory. Narrative theory, criticism the Stylistics and women Stylistics is served as a combination of functional linguistics supplementary tools to improve the interpretation of fiction literary significance. The purpose of this study is to use the principles of these linguistic description and analysis of the language attribute of \In this study, using a combination of descriptive and qualitative research. This thesis consists of eight parts. The first chapter describes the theoretical background of the research, the purpose and significance of research, research methods and corpus. The second chapter established the theoretical framework of the paper focuses on systemic functional linguistics concepts and narratives learn on perspective and character thinking and verbal expression. Third, four, five, six, seven chapters is the analysis part of the analysis around three main themes. The third chapter focuses on the perspective of the stream of consciousness novel expression and character thinking. \Its main narrative mode is free indirect thought. The narrative voice from the narrator, narrative perspective from the characters, and transformation, toward the other characters from a character's consciousness. The narrator objectively presented the inherent subjective reality of the characters. The narrator's voice, however, is often the integration and the character's voice, it is difficult to distinguish the thoughts of the characters, or the narrator reviews. Thus dual sound and sound effects to convey. The free indirect ideological let the reader into the character's thinking, can convey their characters a sense of sympathy. Free indirect thought retains the character of the original words of emotional colors, especially in \Chapter concerned about the character of judgment and appreciation of the relationship. The judgment of the characters to be reflected by the comments of others and self-judgment. Self-evaluation can verify the validity of the judgment of others. Evaluation and analysis of the characters and their relationships that their evaluations are mostly negative. Psychological process, the relationship between the process and the process of speech be adopted to spread the negative judgments and negative emotions 达克拉丽莎 and Peter. Despite the failure of the marriage, the love is there between them. Conjunctions \Many of rhetoric such as: metaphors, allusions and imagery Clarissa expressed the unusual fascination emotional Salisbury. The use of the psychological process of expression of positive emotions to convey a strong love of Clarissa Salinas. However, many substances process for depicting acts of misconduct by Sally and Clarissa's family of Sally negative judgment. With the imagery and metaphor of the language depicts Clarissa marriage of extreme loneliness and lack of intimacy, and given a negative appreciation of Richard and her relationship. The modal operation words, tone of adjuncts and emphasis adverbs not only expressed the attitude of the speaker on the proposition that involved in emotional intensity. The fifth chapter to a criticism of the social system and the interpretation of the function. The results show that the author has done many languages ??to choose to convey criticism of himself and the character of the social system. Symbolic figure represents selfishness, evil, cruel and decadent. The dominant ideology and important images in foregrounding contribute to the construction of the theme. Woolf uses many of the substances in the process, the the process verbs full power practice. The high value of the Italian state must use to convey the enormous pressure of the powerful disadvantaged. Rounds of dialogue between doctor and patient analysis shows uneven power relations. Judgments about the characters, using many of the attribution process, direct expression of a negative evaluation of the figures. The evaluation of the prospects of social constraints that condemnation of character behavior. The authors also used irony, implicitly expressed her criticism of the character and social systems. The sixth chapter focuses on the emotions of the characters. The study is based on feminist and functional stylistics science, explores the character of the waves through the water or ocean imagery, emotion. The wavy sentence throughout the discourse. Big Ben and the extraordinary wave image frequency of repeat arouse the emotions of the characters many. Wave imagery implicitly convey the character of the waves of emotion, sometimes positive, sometimes negative. This shows the true inner feelings of the characters. Chapter VII of the key in the character of the war, the appreciation of life and death. Description by Clarissa and 赛普蒂默斯, visual and sensory impression, to show them the love of my life. Many relationship between the process of using the direct expression of the positive attitude in their life. Although the positive appreciation of the character of life, the use of metaphor and ocean imagery that the negative emotions of the characters: the hatred and loneliness worries and aging, danger and the fear of death. Shakespeare allusions reused act as a consolation for death. That their negative attitudes about the war, the reviews of the characters. Implies a negative connotation of vocabulary items to be quantitative or qualitative foregrounding. Negative figures appreciation of war, but also to convey the author of the anti-war voices. The eighth chapter summarizes the findings of this study points out the limitations of this study, recommendations for future research. In short, the study has important theoretical and practical significance. On the one hand, the system functions Stylistics method is applied to the text of the stream of consciousness novel shows the significance of a strong explanatory power of its fiction literature. Narrative and Stylistics interdisciplinary research to supplement and improve the interpretation of fiction literary significance. On the other hand, the study contributes to the teaching of linguistics, literature and stylistics. Students by tracking language clues and evidence, to better understand and evaluate the discourse.

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