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From a technical standard introduction to the mechanism of evolutionary innovation

Author LiuRenZhong
Tutor HeMingSheng
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Management Science and Engineering
Keywords Technology standard - Evolution Evolutionary Game Evolutionary mechanism
CLC F273.1
Type PhD thesis
Year 2008
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Technical standards as a technical innovation and an important link in the chain of national high-tech industry to compete in today's high ground, their dominance of the competition, its essence has developed into a national interest among the international market segmentation. However, due to technical standards in the development process as well as huge amounts of money needed for a variety of sophisticated nested among high-risk technology research and development, making the developed countries in its research and development, promotion and diffusion process has been dominated. And there are many \How to choose the two strategies, the choice based on what is? Chinese as a technology developing country, focus on building an innovative country in the context of the selection of the technical standards resolutely independent innovation strategy, the rational basis of what is it? From The introduction of technical standards to innovation, this is certainly a technological advancement strategy changes, this shift theoretical basis, what is it? From an evolutionary perspective seeking answers to these questions constitute the main contents of this study. By induction on the relevant literature and grooming, systematic summary of the relevant technical standards and its research and development mechanism, technological progress and evolutionary game theory strategy selection fields of literature, drawing on relevant research results, and the lack of existing research found and the problems to be solved. On technical standards, introduction of technology and innovation to define the core concepts of the basis, summed up the essential attribute of technical standards, analysis of technical standards and technological innovation linkages and differences, and their technological advancement strategy selection modes are summarized, which laid the theoretical foundation of this study. Technological progress in the verification strategy selection based on the nature of biological evolution, technology-based standards by building technological advancements group evolutionary strategy analysis models and parameter assignment drawn: in the evolutionary process based on the group level under the assumption of independent technical standards innovation strategy because with altruism and makes the group as a whole improved adaptability and ultimately choose. This conclusion is due to explain the Chinese accession to the WTO and to make it competitive environment within the group into a group from among so its technological progress based on technical standards strategy introduced by the technical standards into innovation provides a theoretical basis. The premise of the above conclusions, between developed and developing countries by building evolutionary game model and replicate dynamic equation analysis, the choice of a certain proportion of developing technical standards for independent innovation strategy is a feasible solution, and through the Jacobian Method validation for this solution is evolutionary game evolutionary stable strategy, thus proving the technology latecomer countries have chosen the technical standards of rationality independent innovation strategy and possibilities. Then from the technical standard has the path-dependent features, intergenerational sex, and from the point of view of costs and benefits, obtained Technology in Developing Countries technological progress based on technical standards for optimal path selection strategies, that early selection of technical standards innovation strategy for revenue maximization the optimal choice proved technology latecomer countries have chosen the technical standards of independent innovation strategy inevitability. Technology in Developing Countries choice of technical standards innovation policy, also faces two problems: how to develop a completely independent intellectual property rights of technical standards, as well as how innovation technology standard developed countries compete mature technology standards have been market choice. In response to these problems, according to the empirical results put forward three countermeasures. First, the technology can be used to build a developing country technical standard alliances compensate for their lack of scientific research strength, in order to achieve the development of technical standards. Second, through the analysis of the diffusion process of competition between different technical standards mechanism, from the perspective of marketing, combined with their own technical standards for products, we proposed technical standard competitive multi-strategy portfolio. Third, through the technical standards of the Government in the development, diffusion and promotion of the process of behavior analysis, presented innovative technologies to achieve the standard government support and intervention mechanisms for a number of measures. At present, China is focusing on building an innovation-oriented country, technical standards of independent innovation as an important link in the chain of innovation and innovative practices an important form of building an innovative country constitutes a very important element. Therefore, the strategy for the introduction of technical standards to innovation policy mechanism of the evolution of its power, mechanisms and models reveal a profound understanding of the technical standards for independent innovation strategy selection in a strategic position in national economic development, improve the industrial technology innovation policies, accelerate the development of high-tech industries, thereby enhancing China's overall innovation capability and competitiveness, has important practical significance.

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