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A Study on Several Syntactic Phenomena about Word Order

Author ZhouLiYing
Tutor ZhuJingSong
School Suzhou University
Course Chinese Philology
Keywords Word Order The main object Adverbial Attribute Natural
CLC H146
Type PhD thesis
Year 2007
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\The guest of honor reciprocity sentence, subject-predicate predicate - object to transform the structure of the three main object transform syntax, and adverbial and attributive transform like transposition; reflect the fixed word order syntactic component order problems, including a number of attribute and a number of adverbial order; function words, word order, to explore the flexibility of function words \The paper is divided into eight parts, mainly using generative grammar and cognitive linguistics theory, drawing on the research methods of sentence grammar, functional grammar. Explain the the description summarized comparative analysis on the basis of syntactic phenomena, to explore the laws of grammar. An introduction. First of all, on the basis of the analysis of various views, discusses the nature of the word order, a new definition of the concept of \Then, a brief introduction of Chinese Word Order Status, research results and problems. Then put forward the content of our research. Two main Predicate Sentence word order. According to the concept of transformational generative grammar, subject-verb-predicate statement with respect to the prototype structure, the performance of the syntactic component of the shift. SP Predicate Sentence shift phenomenon was analyzed, summed up the shift restrictions. And explores the constraints of the positional relationship of the size of the subject before and after the main predicate Predicate Sentence. Three guest of honor reciprocity. Type of syntactic phenomenon redefined on the basis of subject, object and verb syntax, semantic analysis to explore its particularity. And discusses the rationale of its existence from the subjective reconstruction of objective information and the constraints of the syntactic structure of the sentence meaning. Subject-predicate verb-object can be transformed structure. The sense of the verb positional relationship with Patient ingredients manifested. The first section discusses the role of the verb their contact syntactic constraints. Section II from the noun ingredient and its location affect the the verbal semantic point of view, the restraining effect of the syntactic structure of the verb. Section III-predicate structure and verb-object contrast, summed up the difference of the verb semantic features in the different structures. Section IV discusses the main predicate verb-object structure can transform verbs. The five-like transposition study. This syntactic phenomenon fully describe and explore the regularity of the underlying. The first section of the adverbial semantic direction, like given transposition classification. By adverbial, verb, subject and object analysis in section II of the shape given the special nature of the transposition sentence. Section III discusses mainly from the point of view of the sentence syntax-like statements and the difference of the given statement. Section IV like transposition pragmatic motives. Than six attributive order. Type of relationship according to the the attributive Centre language used in conjunction with the order of the number of attributive interpretation. Study the situation, descriptive, explanatory, classified four different types of attributive order classification attribute and the description of the the attributive internal sub-categories used in conjunction order are discussed, and the use of the philosophy of language theory focuses on a number of monosyllabic nature of adjectives used in conjunction order. 700 number of adverbial order. First of all, according to the the Semantic Scope and semantic point adverbial classification, further investigation on this basis, a number of adverbial order to explore the order of a solid and flexible range, and then analyzes a number of adverbial used in conjunction rules. Eight function words, word order. Examines the issue of flexibility of function words \The first section from the relationship of function words \Section II on different locations on the \

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