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Empirical Research of Organizational Citizenship Behavior with Chinese Medicine Clinical Nurses

Author GuoLingYu
Tutor CaoQiuRu
School Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Nursing
Keywords Nurse Organizational citizenship behavior Organizational justice Job Satisfaction
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Objective: To survey the TCM clinical nurse organizational citizenship behavior (OCB), organizational justice and job satisfaction, the status on the basis of analysis of OCB differences in different demographic variables, investigate the organization fair prediction of the the TCM clinical nurse OCB role , and job satisfaction between intermediary role to enrich our field of traditional Chinese medicine nursing organizational citizenship behavior theory research, at the same time provide a scientific basis for clinical nurse managers. Methods: A cross-sectional survey of four three A-level Chinese Medicine Hospital in Harbin 316 clinical nurses OCB, measuring organizational justice and job satisfaction. Last collate data, take SPSS17.0 statistical software for descriptive analysis, univariate analysis of variance, Pearson correlation analysis and hierarchical regression analysis. Results: (1) the TCM clinical nurse showed OCB generally more higher degree of perceived organizational justice, another job satisfaction in the medium to high level (2) different departments, different monthly income TCM clinical OCB did not care showed a significant difference (3) on the the TCM clinical care over the age of 35 more likely to pay more recognition behavior, while younger nurses (25 years old) is more than happy to help work colleagues and active participation coordination and communication; between 35 -45 years old TCM clinical nurse more likely than nurses under the age of 35 dedicated behavior drastically reduced, however, to reach the peak then 40-year-old. (4) larger tertiary qualifications for undergraduate TCM clinical nurse following nurses were more likely to exhibit dedicated behavior, work more seriously, more strict compliance with the ward system. (5) With the increase in the length of service, the identity of organization and professionalism was the \TCM clinical nurse in the length of service of 15 years are more likely to exhibit behavior recognition of the organization, and they are easier to help and active participation in the coordination and communication between colleagues, work more seriously, and even reach beyond the benchmark dedicated Level (6) four dimensions of organizational justice on job satisfaction was significantly positive impact of 22.8% explained variance. Which allocated a fair job satisfaction affect the role of the most significant with (7) job satisfaction TCM clinical nurse OCB's five dimensions are generated significant positive impact, including work satisfaction degree of organization recognition dimension affect the role of the most significant forward, explained variance reached 4.7%. (8) after controlling for demographic variables, organizational justice TCM clinical nurse OCB significant positive impact. Specifically: the dimension of the organization recognition procedures are fair and information fair shows different significant levels of positive affect. Where information fair agree Organization dimension procedural fairness greater: ② in assisting colleagues dimensions, procedural justice, and fair and assist colleagues exist significant positive impact. The significant role of information, fair more; ③ professionalism dimension, fairness and professionalism exist only allocate a significant positive effect; ④ in interpersonal harmony dimensions of, information fair display a significant positive impact; ⑤ in protection the department resource dimension, interpersonal fair display the significant positive impact. (9) job satisfaction in an intermediary role between organization fair with the the TCM clinical nurse OCB. Specifically: fair procedures and information fair dimension positive influence on the dimension of the organization recognition relations, job satisfaction exists some mediating effect; ② procedural fairness and information fair dimension positive influence to assist colleagues dimension in the relationship, job satisfaction to some intermediary effect; ③ relationship professionalism dimension has a positive impact in the distributive justice dimension, some intermediary role ④ relationship to have a positive impact on interpersonal harmony dimension in the information fair dimension of job satisfaction, job satisfaction occurred some intermediary role; ⑤ protection department resources dimension in interpersonal fairness dimension produces a positive effect on the relationship between job satisfaction, the occurrence of certain intermediary role. Conclusion: (1) the TCM clinical nurse showed OCB generally more, a higher degree of perceived organizational justice, In addition, the satisfaction of working in a medium to high level (2) In addition to the sections and monthly income, different age different qualifications and seniority TCM clinical nurses, how much of their pay OCB there are significant differences (3) organization fair of TCM clinical nurse job satisfaction positive positive influence job satisfaction of TCM clinical nurse OCB had a significant positive impact. (4) organization fair TCM clinical nurse OCB has a the positive positive influence. (5) job satisfaction in the part of the intermediary role between organization fair with the the TCM clinical nurse OCB.

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