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Aye Okinawa interest- Sri Lanka Mysteries

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Aye Okinawa interest-Sri Lanka Mysteries is a mysterious religious ceremonies in ancient Greek, worship gods something to Demeter, Persephone and Yie Adamkus. Its specific details and significance are not inductees strictly confidential and shall not disclose in any way, and blasphemy will be sentenced to death. Therefore, the classical authors such as of Herodotus, 狄奥多鲁斯, 波桑尼阿斯 Mysteries has been mentioned, they are nothing but did not elaborate. According to the ancient literature and existing research, made its roughly look as much as possible to recover. Judging from the object of worship and reflect the beliefs and ideas, Aye Okinawa interest-Sri Lanka Mysteries, the Mother Goddess and offerings of God as an object of worship, goddess of agriculture, and the Mysteries of God with offerings by Persephone triple identity agricultural production, the afterlife happiness and Mysteries cleverly combined. Adams Mysteries of, Aye Okinawa-bearing fertility worship worship underworld the afterlife concept of happiness and a concentrated expression of the concept of the resurrection. Constitute a point of view, the Aye Okinawa interest-Sri Lanka Mysteries can be divided into two parts of the small Mysteries and the Great Mysteries from the ceremony. The small the Mysteries of the Great Mysteries ready, sacrifice, purification, jump a holy dance and other activities. The core of small Mysteries purification, to remove all your iniquities application inductees flesh and consciousness, to prepare for membership Holy Great Mysteries. The Great Mysteries activities including transporting holy to Athens, held in Athens, sacrifice, purification, prayer and jump holy dance, festivals Memorial pharmaceutical God, the Yia Coos Festival, held in in the angstrom Okinawa interest-Sri Lanka fasting, purification and mysterious initiation ceremonies. The initiation ceremony afterlife happiness can be achieved. Adams Mysteries of Egypt Okinawa-bearing strict confidentiality, the core of their initiation ceremonies climax stage has not yet been announced, the existing conclusions mostly speculative. From the composition and responsibilities of the priest's point of view, the main priest Aye Okinawa interest-Adams Mysteries pass secret division, torchbearer, herald, etc. selected from 欧摩尔波斯 and two families Kriksz, and they carry out their duties, expertise in their own religious knowledge. Their high social status, the Roman period and even sacred status. Religious and cultural phenomenon as a continuation of up to nearly 2000 years, the evolution of Aye Okinawa interest-Adams Mysteries undoubtedly is closely linked with the development and transformation of the social history of ancient Greece. Mycenaean era Aye Okinawa interest-Sri Lanka Mysteries period. Ancient Greek mythology and modern archaeological excavations have shown that it is produced in about the 15th century BC. Controversial about its origin has not been determined, including Egypt, Thrace and Greece. The three points are not unreasonable, but they were not the problem of the origin of the Mysteries of angstroms Okinawa interest-Sri Lanka thoroughly explain. Aye Okinawa interest-Sri Lanka Mysteries generation should have a profound social and historical roots. 15 BC - before the 14th century Greek restless social situation is its social roots; ancient worship of God and the snake goddess worship Mother Earth, is the basis; baby in Crete religious worship, God, marriage, cave rituals like are important conditions. Aye Okinawa interest-Sri Lanka Mysteries produce local factors integration exchanges with foreign religious factors. The Homeric Aye Okinawa interest-Adams Mysteries continued existence and development period. Attica against the intrusion of the Dorians provided the historical opportunity of development continue to exist for the continuation of the Mysteries. The ruins of the temple of the archaeological excavations prove the continuity of the Mysteries in the Aye Okinawa interest-Sri Lanka local. Some Greek colonial city imitate angstrom Okinawa interest-Sri Lanka established Demeter Mysteries that the Mysteries has spread outside the Greek mainland. Antiquity - the classical period flourish Adams Mysteries of Egypt Okinawa-bearing period. The Athens government played a crucial role. Aye Okinawa interest-Sri Lanka Temple expansion Those joining the expansion of the scope of the management system of the Mysteries can not be separated from the city-state government's direct involvement and support. Hellenistic - Roman period Aye Okinawa interest-Sri Lanka Mysteries transformation period of decline. Macedonia, the Roman ruler of Aye Okinawa the interest-Sri Lanka Mysteries favor for this period Mysteries prosperous, so that it has a certain sense of the world. The kingship intervention destruction of Adams Mysteries of Egypt Okinawa-bearing tradition, reflected in the introduction of private funding on behalf of the prevalence of Athens sacrifice and pass secret division of the main worship priests king sacred status. The ritual traditions destruction the political fate of the decline of the Greek city-states needs Therefore, when the rise of Christianity, the transformation Aye Okinawa interest-Sri Lanka Mysteries to be squeezed in the living space, while also lost the driving force behind the development. In 395 AD, the Temple the destroyed marks Aye Okinawa interest-Sri Lanka Mysteries historical destiny end. The Aye Okinawa interest-Sri Lanka Mysteries Ancient Mysteries activities typical, it formed its own characteristics in the development process: a dual management, the Mysteries management mechanisms, including the city-state government and the priests. Second, the formation of a specialized and privileged groups of priests. Has a broad social base. Ceremony taboo has political overtones. Stressed the religious concept of \As a broad social basis, have a long history of religious phenomena and social phenomena, Aye Okinawa interest-Adams Mysteries of ancient Greek society, politics, culture, produced an important impact. To a certain extent, it enhanced the influence of Athens in the Greek world, is conducive to the enhancement of the Greek national identity and social harmony and stability, while promoting the prosperity of the ancient Greek culture; Mysteries of the other areas of ancient Greece, even the early Christian The development also played a certain role.

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