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Seismic Behaviors Study of the Olympic Games New Type Suspend-dome Structure

Author WangDongMei
Tutor ZhangAiLin
School Beijing University of Technology
Course Civil Engineering
Keywords Suspendome Shaking table test Seismic performance Multi-point multidimensional Loss of prestress
Type PhD thesis
Year 2010
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A suspendome innovative the prestressing steel structure system, the introduction of cable support system to reduce the displacements and internal forces of the structure, reducing the horizontal thrust bearing, and improve the overall stability of the structure. Large span chord support dome structure seismic studies of the blank point the actual Olympics Badminton Hall novel chord support dome structure works, its conduct the in-depth analysis, using a combination of theoretical studies and test validation system to study the seismic wave speed peak the size of the multi-dimensional input ground motion, seismic waves traveling wave effect and loss of prestress conditions, seismic performance. Innovative dome structure the adjustable struts node, the node has been applied in the test model with the Olympic badminton hall engineering practice. This article in accordance with the design drawings of the 2008 Olympic Games badminton hall, produced a 1:10 scale test model, using the three methods were determined with the cantilevered portion of the dynamic characteristics of the two models without the cantilevered portion of measured had multi-order natural vibration frequency, modes, damping ratio, theoretical calculations and experimental results are more consistent, and show that the structure of the modes intensive vertical vibration of the shell with mesh, showing symmetric or antisymmetric sector of the split form. Array system to complete the dome structure model shaking table test, seismic wave input direction of adjustment for the vertical direction, horizontal direction, vertical level the two sides to select four groups of seismic waves shaking table to complete a total of 48 conditions test time history analysis method for the calculation of the corresponding conditions, the theoretical results with the experimental results agree well. The response of the structure under vertical seismic waves, the majority points greater than the level of seismic input, multi-dimensional earthquake input response results. Acceleration in response to the variation of the peak with the position of the first mode shape is mainly characterized by the displacement response of the peak maximum is generally the most central point of the network shell. Local shock wave acceleration peak to reach the minimum security conditions rare earthquake levels, net rod shell strain within the elastic limits, structure has a good seismic performance. As a the prestressed member of ring to the cable under the seismic force response peak is much smaller than the cable breaking force, but the movement is relatively large, ground motion occurs, the innermost ring cord cable force a more serious loss. Structural response under earthquake force law: seismic calculation of the dome structure should be mainly in the vertical direction, at the same time are included in the horizontal direction. Domestic pilot study for the first time a large span space structure to consider the effect of the traveling wave array test, consider multi-point input time history analysis method theory, the finite element calculation and analysis, more consistent results and test conclusions reached mutual authentication purposes. The test results show that the different seismic wave propagation speed, the same as the vertical direction of propagation, various seismic response variation with position by traveling wave effect, but the response peak will have some changes. Acceleration, displacement, ring to the rod, the internal forces of the ring to the cable with the decrease of the apparent velocity increases, the radial rods decreases with the decrease of the apparent velocity. Depending on the various seismic wave velocity under the influence of the test results in response to changes in amplitude greater than the theoretical results. The experimental and theoretical analysis of two methods prestress loss of the seismic performance of the dome structure. Prestressed amplitude adjusted to the three cases, the direction of the seismic wave input for both vertical and horizontal vertical, completed a total of 12 conditions of the two sets of seismic waves shaking table test. Various seismic response of the amplitude of the change in the test with the prestress loss is greater than the theoretical calculation results, trends no obvious unified law response peak increases with increasing loss of prestress conditions and mostly points. Response peak with the position of the variation is almost unaffected by the prestress losses. As a the prestressed component of the ring to the cable, with the increase in the degree of loss of prestress, the movement increased by a big margin the test results table Mingsuo force, a loss of 40%, from the point of view of the seismic analysis on measures to ensure that the structure should be taken to make up tension safety. Applied to the seismic design of steel structures in the the Olympic badminton large span prestressed in 2008, the results of this study to build our country into the world's first large span of the new dome structure contribute to the theoretical and experimental study combined actual and significant engineering reasonable promotion at home and abroad for such structures provide a theoretical basis and experimental basis.

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