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Effects of Kadsura Pepper Stem Extract on β-amyloid Protein-induced Activation of Microglia in Vitro

Author MaXueQiang
Tutor DuZuoFeng
School Shandong University
Course Clinical
Keywords Sea breeze rattan Abeta oligomers body Microglia TNF - alpha TGF-beta1
CLC R285.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Alzheimer's disease ( Alzheimer 's disease , AD ) is a progressive brain neuron degenerative diseases , p - amyloid protein ( Aβ ) deposition lead to nerve keratinocyte activation - induced inflammatory response in the brain may be the importance of the pathogenesis of AD one of the mechanisms . Ap oligomers physical stimulation of microglial activation is highly expressed IL-1p, IL-6, TNF-αα, TGF-β1 and other inflammatory factors . Objective To study the Ap the oligomers ( Aβo ) activated microglia and lead to the release of inflammatory factors and sea breeze rattan ethanol extract of the release of inflammatory factor for the process . Method 1 . Rat microglial cells in primary culture, separation , purification and identification ; 2. Using to alcohol extract prepared Kadsura matter , and press sea breeze rattan extract / DMS04 : 1 mixed normal saline , 0.22 microporous filter membrane filtration ; 3 the purified microglial cells grown in 48-well plates at the same density , divided into four groups : ( 1 ) blank control group ; ② Aβo group ; ③ Aβo sea breeze rattan extract group ; ( 4 ) Aβo DMSO group ; using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay assay (ELISA) were measured in the culture supernatant TNF-α, TGF-β1 concentration . Results 1.Aβo stimulate microglia to produce inflammatory response : compared with the control group , the microglia handled by Aβo inflammatory factor significantly increased ; 2 . The sea breeze vine extract can inhibit microglial inflammatory cytokine production : Kadsura intervention group concentration of inflammatory factors than the control group . Conclusion AP oligomeric physical activation of microglial cells and result in a massive release of inflammatory factors ; sea breeze rattan alcohol extract can inhibit the release of inflammatory factors .

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