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Encounter the Utopia : Ecological Marxism Difficult Position and Possible Outlet

Author YuanQiuLan
Tutor LinMoBiao
School Fujian Normal University
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords Ecological Marxism Ecological crisis Ecology socialism Utopia
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The Ecological Marxism, producing in the 1960s-1970s, was one of quite influential contemporary West Marxism emerging schools in the worldwide scale. It has inherited the Marxism’s dialectical and systemic analysis method and placed the ecology question in the different form of society to perform to inspect, which has been placed in the adjustment and the transformation of the productive relations to discriminate, which has put the vitality and the vigor for Marxism’s development.Our national academic circle mostly pauses to the Ecological Marxism’s research,to its representative personage thought discussing and introducing on, has the problem to its theory, specially to the Ecological Marxism bitter experience difficult position and possible outlet, but also lacks the thorough analytical study, and this is precisely this article research center of gravity is. This article arranged take the Ecological Marxism to the whole world ecological crisis’s root as the breakthrough point, the analysis the Ecological Marxism is fell into the difficult position in what kind of significance? Is what kind of difficult position? How to walk into such one difficult position, reason what in? Surmounts this difficult position the possible outlet in where? Also has what kind of enlightenment to our country’s characteristic socialist construction?This article narrates and comments the Western Ecological Marxism theory the ecology difficult position root philosophy explanation which faces to the humanity, as well as it causes the ecological socialism practice, proposed that the Ecological Marxism should not only regard as about the future society’s green blueprint extreme and in the biased significance Utopia theory, but should also become the humanity and possible to choose face the 21st century surmounting tradition industrial society’s coordinate reference and possible choice.

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