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The Research on Wang Pu and Wu Dai Hui Yao

Author LiangXiangFeng
Tutor ZhangJinXi
School Anhui University
Course Historical Philology
Keywords Wang Pu Five will be The process of preparation Content style Literature value
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2010
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Wang Pu is the Five Dynasties and Song statesman and historian. Book \However, very little academic research on the book, in addition to the simplicity of presentation, but only a few articles talking about, not only the author's birth, the time remaining questions to complete the book, but the book source, content, structure and value also lack of thematic studies. Thesis on the basis of existing research, efforts to explore the \The main part of the thesis is divided into seven chapters. The first chapter of Wang Pu and writings examine the situation. This chapter discusses the Wang Pu life family background, political career and academic problems, identify Wang Pu's birth and its main activities, summarized in his Later Han, Later Zhou Dynasty and the Song Dynasty achievements, and strive to provide the evaluation of seeking truth from facts. Wang Pu also investigated their academic major works on his book \The second chapter discusses \Later on the \This chapter also analyzes the book source material that mainly memoir and personal horizons and Five other writings; and through analyzing the contents of each volume, the head being to classify, according to the characteristics of its contents is divided into 12 categories. The third chapter analyzes the \This chapter examines structural features of the book, through statistical analysis, comparing differences in the content contained in the DPRK and the reasons; explore its contents, analyzing their record imperial reform, memorials data value. Version, discussing various versions since the spread of the Northern Song Dynasty and its characteristics, especially since the various versions on modern analysis. The fourth chapter is the \This chapter focuses on analyzing \Since Wang Pu \Song will be the establishment will be specializing in the compilation, the existing \\Handed down \Chapter through the \The chapter argues that the Tang Dynasty Code system in the inheritance system is also based on the change in the expansion of power senator, three Division institution-building, the development of Hanlinyuan system are of great significance; while the ebb and flow Military forces, state Administrative Region set waste and \Chapter VI through the \Five Despite political turmoil, but the DPRK to resume production on some positive measures have been taken. Five of each chapter on the evolution towards the tax system, Iron Policy, Water transport and warehousing and other issues for analysis. Chapter VII through the \Five dynasties including restrictions on religion and use, especially for the growing Buddhist measures taken, and King Sejong destroyed Buddha measures for analysis. \

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