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A Study on Review of Literature in the Early Days of New China

Author WangWei
Tutor ZhangJie
School Wuhan University
Course Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords Literary norms Ideology Intellectual Critical movement Review
CLC I206.7
Type PhD thesis
Year 2010
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The object of this paper is the Chinese literary JianTaoShu 1949-1955. The reason why the study period selected in 1949-1955, because this period is basically able to reveal the Chinese Communist Party intellectuals, especially literary intellectuals thought reform process so as to show the integration of the socialist ideology of literary thought and specification process. Starting from criticism on this phenomenon, generated by review why, who review and how to discuss the development of contemporary literature, with particular emphasis on the process of constructing norms of contemporary literature in the 1949-1955 review of the analysis of the relationship between. This paper argues that, on the one hand, JianTaoShu effective operation literary intellectuals thought reform, on the other hand, JianTaoShu is one of the important ways of the founding of the early literary conversion and specification. Early in Yan'an period, the Chinese Communist Party consciously literary political leadership and management, and accumulated a lot of experience, including the policy literature, literary agencies, literature, newspapers, writers, etc.. And the success of Yan'an Rectification Movement writer thought reform, writer self-criticism, self-critical tradition. The new regime is established, the Chinese Communist Party is facing purified with Marxism-Leninism, unified national ideology, to make it unconditionally obey the historic task of building new China. This means that the process of socialist construction of New China to remove various non-proletarian ideology, so the beginning of the founding of launched wave after wave of ideological critical movement, the literary intellectuals transformation of ideas, for reviewing the show that the determination of the ruling party and the new regime a distinct political attitudes and reborn. This paper attempts to review articles that appeared in the literary world retrial. In the first chapter, the paper analyzes the \System generation of Chinese contemporary literature review can produce an important prerequisite. If the Chinese contemporary literature \In addition, Yan'an period of writer's review in the form of thought reform intellectuals after 1949 played an important role in reference. The second chapter discusses the universality of a the old literati review of the Early Days. Fine style of criticism and self-criticism, the Chinese Communist Party in the formation and improvement of the long-term practice of revolutionary struggle, it played a major role in the growth and development of the Chinese Communists, and this fine style is completely copied to the ideological transformation of intellectuals to. The common feature of these reviews is personal almost negate life experiences before the founding of New China, including values, academic, artistic achievements and even personality. Review of most people is a kind of self-denial and self-reflection, and demonstrated a sincere self-transformation of the mentality. Of course, do not rule out the the helpless or cater to the times JianTaoShu exist. Chapter Chapter review article analyzes specific to the field of literary creation and literary theory. A series of critical movement from outside the party's gradually deepening into the party, the critique of the critique of the big bourgeoisie intellectuals of Hu Shih its followers to leftist literature within the \critical background within the party writer Ding Ling, constantly critique the ultimate goal is to completely remove all non-Marxist-Leninist ideology. Chapter is a review of the literature of the creative community, Sun Yu, Xiao, animal husbandry, Ding Ling, Chen enterprises Xia JianTaoShu. The fourth chapter is a review of the literature theorists, such as by Yu, Hu Feng JianTaoShu. Review reasons vary, but they have made JianTaoShu guarantee the literary establishment and implementation of the specification, is an important part of the establishment of the \

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