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Marigold flower fingerprints of its chemical composition

Author SuRui
Tutor FangHongZhuang
School Jiamusi University
Course Drug analysis
Keywords Marigold Alcohol extract Lutein Volatile oil Fingerprinting GC-MS HPLC Heuristic Evolving Latent Projection
CLC R284
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Species of marigold (Tagetes erecta L.), Asteraceae marigold flowers, leaves, roots can be used as medicine, more widely distributed in China, is rich in resources. Marigold flower contains carotenoids, flavonoids, lutein, volatile oil and thiophenes substances and other active ingredients, has antioxidant, anti-cancer, the treatment of cardiovascular disease, antibacterial, anti-mosquito pharmacological effects, in the pharmaceutical, food processing has a higher value. In this study, using LC-MS and GC-MS determination methods, the use of technical means of chemometrics, database search, the main active ingredients of marigold flowers, flavonoids, lutein esters, volatile oil chromatographic fingerprinting and qualitative analysis of two aspects study to comprehensively reveal the characteristics of marigold flowers chemicals, the foundation of marigold flowers chemicals, to provide a basis for quality evaluation and control of the marigold and related research data. Marigold flowers ethanol extract fingerprints and fingerprints Total peak for qualitative analysis. Separated by HPLC, UV detection establish fingerprinting ZORBAX Eclipse XDB C18 column (250 mm × 4.6 mm ID, 5μm), acetonitrile -2 ‰ aqueous solution of phosphoric acid gradient elution, flow rate of 1 mL · min-1, column temperature at 25 ° C, detection wavelength 254 nm; qualitative Total peak, electrospray ionization ion source (ESI), negative ion mode scanning, nebulizer pressure of 35.0 psi, dryer temperature of 350 ℃, drying gas flow rate 10 L · min-1 using LC-MS scan range : 50 ~ 1 000 m / z. The marigold flowers ethanol extract chromatographic fingerprint by 8 Total peak, and with good precision, reproducibility and stability of five common peaks corresponding to chemical substances should be for marigold prime, different quercetin different quercetin glycosides and Hupi of marigold prime glycosides. Lutein esters in marigold flowers fingerprints, a qualitative analysis of its peaks. Acetonitrile - methanol (A) and ethyl acetate (B) as the mobile phase gradient elution, B phase concentration: 0 min, 20%; 10 min, 60%; 25 min, 60%; 35 min, 100% . The column temperature was 25 ° C, detection wavelength of 450 nm. Peak mass spectrometry qualitative conditions: atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI); positive ion scan mode; nebulizer pressure 60 psi; vaporizer temperature of 450 ° C; a dryer temperature 350 ° C; drying gas flow rate 9 L · min-1; quality scan range of 50 to 2000. The marigold flower lutein esters fingerprint 10 peaks, and select one of six legal analysis by LC-MS peaks as common peaks are full - trans - lauric acid - myristic acid lutein diester - trans - myristate lutein diester / - trans - lauric acid - palmitic acid lutein diester, full - trans - myristate - palmitic acid, lutein diester full - trans - palmitic acid lutein diester / - trans - myristate - stearic lutein diester - trans - palmitic acid - stearic acid lutein diester and full - trans - stearic acid, lutein diester. The establishment of chromatographic fingerprint method validation requirements satisfied, can be used for full control of the quality of marigold herbs. Establish the fingerprint of volatile oil, marigold flowers and qualitative analysis of its chemical composition. Adopted at the same time - distillation extraction method to extract the volatile oils create volatile oil full spectrum fingerprint map and completely separating the peaks qualitative analysis by GC-MS combined with chemometrics intuitive derivation evolving latent projection method (HELP) of overlapping chromatographic peaks for distinguished resolve. Chromatographic peak area normalization method to obtain the relative amount of each compound, the main chemical components using principal component analysis projection method and cluster analysis to classify the samples of different sources. The marigold flower volatile oil fingerprinting precision, reproducibility, stability, respectively, with good correlation. Total of 100 kinds of chemical composition to confirm the relative percentage content of more than 1 ‰ (match 90%), accounted for more than 85% of the total content of its main chemical components were caryophyllene ethyl palmitate, piperitone, Spartak alcohol , myristic acid, () - the white Changhuan alkenyl, of α-terpineol alcohols and the like. 18 samples according to their main chemical components can be divided into three categories. The Institute establish marigold more valid part of fingerprint meet the requirements of the fingerprint, and qualitative analysis by LC-MS and GC-MS peaks can be more fully characterize the intrinsic characteristics of the marigold drug.

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