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Reference Group Influence on Consumption of Luxury Brand

Author JiangLing
Tutor WangChengZuo
School Southwest Jiaotong University
Course Organization and management of public works
Keywords Reference group influence Luxury brands Consumer behavior Purchase value Brand Loyalty
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2010
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China is now the world's third-largest consumer of luxury goods, consumers are bored with expensive luxury brands? We know that consumer choice is not entirely independent of the individual, to a large extent influenced by social factors, with reference to groups is the social one important way to exert influence on individuals. Luxury brands to consumers strongly attract is derived from the reference group recognized and respected the consumption of such items. Luxury consumption is not just social class distinction strategy was considered self-expression. Despite the reference group has important impact on the consumption of luxury brands and luxury occupies an increasingly large share of the market in the entire industrial economic activity, expand the theoretical and empirical research has been lacking. This paper attempts to answer: (1) consumers face different consumption situations (public consumption or private consumption) luxury brands reference groups affect whether the extent of differences in purchasing decisions? Purchase decision and the products of the Volkswagen brand, a comparative study; (2 ) consumers in the different types of reference groups under the influence of luxury brands in the formation of the self - the brand Contact What's the difference? (3) reference group influence is perceived by consumers on the purchase value of the luxury brand's social orientation, or personal-oriented purchase value perception to influence purchasing behavior and consumer loyalty? (4) purchase value tendency of comparative social-oriented consumers value tendency of consumers to purchase and individual-oriented luxury brand purchasing behavior and consumer loyalty differences? study first investigated consumer luxury brand to buy suffered in the decision-making reference group influence the degree of, and contrast with the Volkswagen brand. Four combinations examined in the study design formed a 2 × 2 factorial product consumption situation and brand reputation. By combination twenty-two contrast, the empirical results show that: the consumers in different consumption situations, different brands of prestige products purchasing decisions, suffered reference group influence the degree of significant difference; Among them, the luxury brand purchase decision informational affected significantly higher than the Volkswagen brand; affected by the the utilitarian impact and the extent of the value of expressive significantly higher than those of private consumer goods publicly consumer purchasing decisions. Management significance of the study is to help businesses and marketing staff reference group influence utility to develop a reasonable brand information exchange strategy. Through the experimental situations manipulation investigated reference group formed under the influence of consumers to self - Brand Contact the difference. The results show that: for public consumption and private consumption of luxury brands, consumers in the highest evaluation value expressive self - brand contact; public consumption Volkswagen brand - brand contact was evaluated under the influence of the utilitarian highest; private consumption Volkswagen brand - brand contact, the highest rating under the influence of informational. Enterprises should focus on different product attributes, the use of reference groups affect the effectiveness of the development of rational brand communication strategy. Again, the study of the internal mechanism of the reference group influence consumer luxury brand loyalty for the samples investigated 427 Louis Vuitton consumers reference group influence, the empirical analysis of the luxury brand consumer perception of the purchase value and consumer loyalty 3 by the relational model. The study showed that: a significant positive impact on consumer loyalty; informational value expression affect reference group influence the purchase value of the luxury brand of social-oriented and individual-oriented positive effect, but utilitarian only positive influence on purchase value of social-oriented . Mediating effect of inspection, the purchase value of the reference group influence consumer loyalty partial or full mediation. The the conclusion verify reference group influence the key factors influencing consumer luxury brand loyalty, reveals the consumer perception of the luxury brand purchase value of the repurchase and word-of-mouth marketing is of great significance. Finally, the study will consumers buy value tendencies as the standard of the luxury market segmentation, value tend to cluster four classes of consumers to purchase socially-oriented and individual-oriented, in the number of purchases, word of mouth recommendation intentions and brand repurchase intention significant differences;, high social-oriented value tendency of consumers to purchase a number of times and re-purchase willingness negatively related; the high personal guide value tendency of consumers to purchase the number of repurchase intention positively associated. The study of innovation is reflected in: (1) reveals the luxury brand products to buy consumers suffered significant reference group influence decision-making, and the different types of reference group influence consumers to form self - a significant difference of degree of brand contact. This is a useful supplement brand consumer reference group influence research and refinement; (2) to reveal the internal mechanism of the reference group loyalty impact on consumers of luxury brands. This is the reference groups affect the latent variables luxury brands consumer research to quantify the relationship between a new link; (3) innovation compared to socially-oriented purchase value orientation and personal orientation tendency of consumers purchase value of luxury brands behavioral loyalty and attitudinal loyalty on the differences. Rich study and improve the two values ??tend to lower consumer behavior research.

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