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The Evaluation and Research Rural about Ecological System Service Function

Author LiYan
Tutor YangXiTian
School Henan Agricultural University
Course Ecology
Keywords Houzhai rural the village eco-system service function construction land the new rural construction
CLC X171
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The ecological environment about our country has been present the trend worsening in recent years. This trend not only exists in the city, but also pushs toward the rural continuously in the course of urbanization. If the situation keeps happening, it seriously hamper the construction of the rural and the goals of realizing sustainable economic and social development. In the long life, we see only ecological direct carrier with land, but ignore the economic value of its vast potential ecological value. Therefore, the rural ecosystem service function of potential value is an important aspect of the sustainable development, and has special importance and necessity about exploring to realize the route of "economic development, resources protection, environment improvement”. How to protect the environment and development simultaneously in rural development process, and how to make the land use planning is more reasonable become very important. So, studying the ecosystem service function becomes very necessary.Throughout the research and exploration about the service function of ecological system at home and abroad, All of the calculation about the service function of and research has no unified standard, and its range is differ which ranges from global, land, grassland, wetland ecosystem that city and county. But the research about the unit with the village ecosystem service function is little. The ecosystem service function about the rural of the research, from a village this relatively small scale up analysis and research ecosystem service function of value, it can be more accurate analysis of the ecological system of potential economic value. This article from the village-level this scale up to explore ecosystem service function value, comprehensive consideration of the various land types, in order to the land use type after the planning and new rural construction to provide some guidance.Based on the village, the paper evaluates and analyzes the value of eco-system service function about Xihutong village, Yingtaogou village, Yuhe village and Jingzhai village in Houzhai, Zhenzhou city. According to land utilization status drawings about Houzhai rural in 2009, and arcGIS software. It calculates the area of land use types every village and the value of material production, climate regulation, water conservation and biodiversity, fixing carbon and releasing oxygen, and recreational function by using the shadow engineering method and the ecological value method. At the same time, the paper tentatively estimates the value of eco-system service function about the land for housing and traffic on the Village construction land.In the end, according to the value of eco-system service function and the actual situation of Houzhai rural, the paper analyzes and finds out the problem in the new rural construction process. At the same time, it puts forward some Suggestions and countermeasures.

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