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Husserl passive tectonics

Author YangBaoFu
Tutor ZhangQingXiong
School Fudan University
Course Foreign Philosophy
Keywords Husserl Time consciousness Intent Transcendental Logic Tectonic area Sense- Purely self- Phenomenology of spirit Kant Transcendental subject Subjective existence Objectivity Tectonism Tectonics Continuum Apperception The process of perception Unity Evident Time horizon
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2010
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Study of genetic phenomenology text the Husserl Twenties pre transcendental logic lectures passive structure, and the interpretation of the meaning of passive tectonics, not along to reveal the passive structure expand as the understanding of the conditions of the possibility of this path, but along to reveal the passive structure as the main conditions of the possibility of this path to expand. The main body of the paper, the first chapter from the process of the development of Husserl's phenomenology understand his passive tectonics, which Husserl learn from a static phenomenon advancing the process of genetic phenomenology is passive structural problems surfaced and The system clearly expressed. The \Passive structure, can be understood from two aspects, one aspect of the self passive tectonism, which is the kind of state does not participate in the construction, when the self is embodied in the structure of the initiative to construct the necessary quality continuum On the other hand, refers to self in the stream of consciousness is aware of, or presented. Both structures are manifested in the construction of the original time consciousness. Then, the second and third chapters discuss time awareness and Lenovo. Whether the structure of the original time awareness of belonging to genetic phenomenology, which is a passive structure differences, I expand the discussion of the time-conscious before, the first based on Husserl's own variety of expressions, this made a dialectical time awareness of the structure is a passive structure conclusions. Then, the structure of time consciousness several levels described specific shows how quality continuum conditions passively constructed, as well as the same pole primordial self how the original time consciousness constructed. Can also show that the original time consciousness is the condition of subjectivity is possible. As can be seen from the passive structure research for Lenovo, its genetic phenomenology of Husserl, is related to the conditions of the possibility of the existence of the subject, because the main body of past life and future life can not be realized ( evoke and be expected), they mean nothing to me and have no way to set up the unity of subjectivity. Finally, we elaborate of Husserl passive tectonics for the views of some of the themes of the traditional philosophy to show that the problem domain, to learn this hair phenomenon passive construct subjectivity and self, the body, the natural relationship between the new interpretation. Subjectivity into the the passive construction phase, while the self itself has a history, subjectivity is no longer self-evident to equate self. Lenovo passive structure together of dynamic consciousness and awareness within the time also shows that the body itself has a constructor function, so the body has the meaning of subjectivity. A necessary part of the natural, natural specific sense, is the interactive subjectivity constructed, but transcendental subjectivity \All in all, the passive structure to understand the subjectivity, the body naturally subsumption own tectonism, and therefore the absolute subjectivity.

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