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The Li Hanqiu Fiction on the draft

Author LiuMingKun
Tutor DongGuoYan
School Yangzhou University
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords Love Story Social novel Social Love Story Cultural implication The significance of the times
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2008
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Li Han autumn is the Late Qing important writer in poetry, prose, stone, paintings and other unique accomplishments, but on behalf of the highest achievements of his literature is fiction. His romantic novels inherited the \on the basis of sublation, beyond its shortcomings, spectacular own style. More importantly, he combines romantic novels reflect the social life since the late Qing Dynasty, the social novel and the lack of a main line of reality, by the community, romance as the weft to create a new model of social romance novels. We took him to make an important contribution to the ground-breaking, both \This thesis to Li Hanqiu novel in particular social romantic novels as the main body, combined with social Late Qing novels and romantic novels to study, from which you can better and more comprehensive grasp of the historical trajectory of the Late Qing China's social transition and transformation. Li Hanqiu social romantic novels in the Late Qing novel transformation period, reflecting the process of evolution of the concept of novel style. The same time, his novel has the value of \Paper consists of three parts introduction, body and conclusion. Introduction section briefly describes the the Li Hanqiu novel Research, research value and Li Hanqiu contribution to social romantic novels and this thesis. Body part is divided into seven chapters: The first chapter is of Li Hanqiu Late Qing era. Introduces the Late Qing Yangzhou overview and background of the times and the life of Li Hanqiu and cultural personality, these areas will not only affect the of Li Hanqiu life and character, also influenced his writing style, and to varying degrees reflected in his novel Yangzhou important background in his novel. The ancient city of Yangzhou brilliant traditional historical position, and after a lot of war and massacre led to the decline of the literati have an important impact. Han autumn witnessed the fading process in modern Yangzhou, as well as the Yangzhou social unrest and transformation, especially after the humiliating process of Modern Chinese world powers. Writers Attitude the writers creation, Han autumn Fiction contains transition times, the destiny of the nation's thinking and anxiety, his novel records the history of an era. The second chapter is the novels Li Hanqiu roads and major works. Introduces the the Li Hanqiu road novels and creative stage, the main representative. Han autumn since 1906, began to publish novels to his death in May 1923, 18 years strenuously writing pen stopped working. Published 23 short stories and a collection of short stories, 36 novels, as well as during and previously created the \, 5 volumes of poetry, mixed with 3 notes 2. He created the first stage, we can be set for the 1906-1909 period counted as his creation of start-up period, both novel ideas or writing style, with some signs of immaturity, but there are also many good works. The second stage, from 1909 to 1919 for the the culvert autumn Novel Writing maturity. His most accomplished most representative works of this period is completed, which Guangling tide \of this period, the maturity and the highest peak of the Han-autumn marks the novel creation. The third stage is the transition from 1919 to 1923, Han autumn fiction. The main theme of the novel by social romance turned to the family and clan. The third chapter is the inheritance and development of the Li Hanqiu modern romantic novels. First an overview of the modern romantic novels, in before the Qing romantic novels prosperity, modern Chinese romantic novels, including before and after the Opium War, the feudal jurisprudence thinking seriously affect the \Dream \Three embody the \with a strong social utility and personal purposes, \Discussed in the Li Hanqiu Modern Love Story \Modern Love Story \While the culvert autumn novel Nannvzhiqing, mostly sexual gratification, gone through many hardships, and finally lovers to get married, and the \Once again, Han autumn description of the breakthrough of the \Modern romantic novels more or less reflects the society, but mostly indirectly reflects more than the community as a \Han autumn solve this problem, \In the discourse of modern romantic novels, focusing primarily discussed their inadequacies, thus underlining the Han autumn fiction romance and social description of the aspects of their breakthrough. The fourth chapter is the Li Hanqiu modern social novel inherited beyond. First the culvert autumn era social novel distinction overview, mainly from Modern condemned novels and political novel. Followed by discussion Li Hanqiu modern social novel plot, characters, structure, subject inherited the side, that is Han autumn by modern social novel in particular, condemned the impact of the novel, in many novels are using the Condemnation Novels practices, but he also is not simply inherited, but on the basis of innovation and creativity. Once again, Han fall beyond the novel and the novel of modern society, including the subject matter beyond the artistic structure beyond. The fifth chapter focuses on the the Li Hanqiu the unique contribution of the Late Qing literary - social romantic novels. Li Hanqiu novel special \success and beyond, this chapter begins with an exploration of the Han autumn the previous novel concept Sublation and integration. Secondly, the various characters in his novels of social reality mirror refraction; once again discusses the Han autumn Social Love Story \and impact. Han autumn in a sense is the pioneer of this novel is a master of. Romantic novels developed into modern, people gradually realized that romance can not help but words society, to reflect community must have a run through the full text of the main line, only the combination of the two, social romance as the weft, in order to better express the current theme, performance history. Last from two aspects of the content and form of the novel, discusses the features of social romantic novels. Chapter VI dealt the Li Hanqiu novel cultural implication. We do not deliberately explore the definition and scope of the culture, but it is generally recognized, on the basis of common cultural analysis the Li Hanqiu novel the cultural implication, in order to to the culvert autumn fiction a try objective evaluation. First discusses the implication of Han autumn novel Confucian culture, Han Qiu was born in the old family to accept formal education, study hard poetry and literature for many years, and even took part in the expedition in the Qing Dynasty, his thoughts by the Confucian influence is inevitable, but because of the character , family and other reasons, his heart of hearts, this culture rebel; Second of Han autumn fiction Western humanism implication, pains in the Western influence Western Humanistic Thoughts of the positive and negative sense; Han autumn Finally, we discuss novel Cultural Implication. Chapter VII is the Li Hanqiu novel sense of the times. \Han autumn novel sense of the times first topics of of enlightenment significance and anti-feudal, enlightening the prevailing social, wake-up call for the role of the world. Followed by civilian awareness of the educational and characters of the novel. Li Hanqiu novel its profound thought, has made great achievements in his time. He is in the transition of the old society, In this chaotic approximation anarchy, China has experienced great upheaval and transformation of the political, economic, cultural, Han Qiu with novelist vision, changing times Registry approximate true record of the history, the ironic social groups ugly, praised the progress class. His novel era of state-of-the-art thinking, which also has an important significance of the times. The conclusions of some of the major writers in modern discussed Li Hanqiu novel. On with Zhang Henshui as the representative of modern social romantic novels such as his novel; Ba Jin, represented by Modern Family Fictions; Fourth writers to Lu Xun, local writers pie as the representative of Enlightenment and anti-feudal theme and so on.

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