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Research on Green Technological Innovations in the Process of Circular Economic Construction in China

Author YaoXing
Tutor BaoDunQuan
School Xinjiang University
Course Population, Resources and Environmental Economics
Keywords China Circular Economy Green Technology Innovation Xinjiang
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2008
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Develop recycling economy, building a resource saving-type, environment-friendly society, is to implement the scientific concept of development, prompting China's population, resources and environment-phase coordination, pushing forward China's economic and social sound and rapid development of the key initiatives. The current, Circulation Economic Idea During global constantly deeply rooted among the, in which the green technology innovation problem is more are subject to various countries the increasing emphasis, has increasingly become economy and society focus of attention. People gradually realize that to the, traditional technology innovation in stimulating economic rapid growth while, also make mankind's survival ecological environment has been unprecedented destruction. This is of course can be attributed to Yu mankind itself pairs of the natural world understanding of biased, blind development, uncontrolled consumption, but more in-depth studies have shown that, the technical this put \For the at the present stage was in full swing promote the recycling economic construction's our country speaking, in particular, should attach great importance to technological the direction of innovation, will traditional technology innovation steering green technological innovation. This article in order to green technology innovation as the the main research object, trying to a more comprehensive manner analysis of green technology innovation the general law of, in order to period of for our country develop circular economy, rational use of resources with the protecting the environment, achieve sustainable development to provide useful lessons. Thesis body content divided into three parts: The first chapter expositions recycling economy is the resource green oriented innovative economy. This article first right innovation economy theoretical research carry on Review, Analysis of the technical innovation's driving force and the sustained force, pointed out that the tradition innovation theory the lack of pairs direction of innovation constraint discussed. Secondly, around the resource of the green oriented innovative use of, pointed out that the circular economy is the innovation economy, and its goal is the pursuit resource use way of innovative the ecological efficiency of; eco-efficiency practice of prominent resource innovative use of,'s economic and social pairs of eco-efficiency the pursuit of has the ecological economics on the inevitability; through the Environmental Management can strengthen the resource process of innovation and goals. The third, focusing analyze resource green oriented Innovation and the green technologies the relationship between the, pointed out that the recycling economy the resources green oriented innovative use of inseparable from the green technology, elaborated green technology, green production and service organizations concept and connotation of, pointed out that the green technology Innovative the same traditional technology innovation the distinction, put forward green technology innovation's carrier is a green production and service organizations, development green production and service organizations can make of economic efficiency from the \Second mainly from the two aspects study of China green technology innovation policy paths and their demand and supply problem. First, focusing on discussed the green technology innovation policy path to, pointed out that the green technology innovation a policy basis is to establish the environmental resources factor prices, policy restart point yes want to vigorously develop the environmental protection industry, simultaneous construction green technology innovation market; put forward at the enterprise level should support the and the the development of green niching Strategic Organization. The second, the main research green science and technology supply and green market demand, pointed out that the our country circular economy is the the Government to promote-type, the government nurture green production and service organizations can be taken encourage the main the guidance and support policies, also needs to to pass legislation to propulsion organize green oriented; Through on the circular economy driving force carry on parsing, stressed the need to constantly maintain, and enhance eco-economic pulling force, consolidate, improve with the strengthen the administrative regulations and technical thrust; put forward To force the consumption green oriented, expand and to enhance the green product demand; strengthen our environmental ethics education, nurturing green consumption concept; want to in order to eco-industrial park construction as the relying on the enhance scientific and technological supply. Title III discuss the Xinjiang recycling economy the process of building of green in the technological innovation. First, emphasizing the Xinjiang recycling economy construction middle must attach importance to water-saving technical innovation, pointed out that the water resources in Xinjiang must economize use, but also must innovate use the; in order to drip irrigation under mulch technical success innovation as an example, analyzed the Xinjiang engineering-type water-saving technologies innovation the desired attach importance to the administrative, legal, economic and scientific research mechanisms issues; associated with this tied for, pointed out that the Xinjiang's non-engineering-type water-saving technologies innovation want to build and perfect the water-saving market, cultivating \The second, the focus discuss the Xinjiang characteristics Industrial Ecologicalization oriented technology innovation, analyzed the Xinjiang characteristics agro-industry Development Situation and existing problems, pointed out that the in addition to want to water-saving outside of, Xinjiang characteristics industrial ecological oriented technical innovation Huan shall be conducive to festival ground, retaining ground and raise land; contact the Xinjiang actual, pointed out that the Xinjiang green technology innovation need the government boost, put forward government should focus on the development agricultural production and processing's first workshop of namely the construction modern agriculture, strengthen the green agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and kinds breeding base construction. Thesis Finally through the project-style green technology innovation's empirical analysis, pointed out that the in Xinjiang the industrialization of agriculture the same eco-oriented combined with has the inevitability. At the implementation level, the face of numerous contains the green technology's innovation projects, this paper proposes the Government for approval departments first of all to examine-pending R \u0026 D or development whether the project the face of green consumption leading customers, and secondly to emphasize of the enterprise itself science and technology supply of. This article pointed out that building Science and Technology Industrial Park, formula in the pilot plant inter-in the project-style green technology innovation management in the has a a pivotal role. Of course, the expect every an organization Du set up its own R \u0026 D in the pilot plant inter-is unrealistic, especially in the current's Chinese, to Xinjiang. At this point, the government can science and technology play providers the dominant role of, the method is the construction of middle test workshop-style Science and Technology Industrial Park,, the park necessary to highlight the specialty would come to implementation of green strokes items.

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