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Study on the Regulation of Lipid Metabolism by Fuzhuan Tea

Author XuXiaoJiang
Tutor XiaoWenJun
School Hunan Agricultural University
Course Tea Science
Keywords Fu brick Lipid metabolism Statins L-02 fatty degeneration of liver cells In vitro test Laying hens feeding test
CLC R151
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Fu brick nomadic peoples of our country Life \Fu brick after dark during Maocha and Fu brick pile - Flooding during two distinct processes, the material composition of the complex changes occur, and constitutes Fu brick unique quality characteristics. Study confirmed that Fu brick has significant lipid function, but the current research focused on lipid-lowering diet Fu brick effects and mechanism of macro aspects, Fu brick can not reflect the true regulating body lipid metabolism, and to making its product development and marketing function application is limited. Therefore, this study integrated qualitative and quantitative analysis of plant active ingredients, in vitro cell assays and animal testing and other advanced technologies Fu brick regulate lipid metabolism and mechanism of functional substances systematic research results obtained are as follows: 1. To Fu brick water extract and alcohol extract was investigated using UV scanning, TLC and HPLC-MS and other analytical methods, explore Fu brick regulate lipid metabolism and biochemical material basis. TLC analysis showed that the extract contains Fu brick lovastatin and simvastatin standard with the same band; HPLC-MS analysis showed that lovastatin, simvastatin retention times were 3.1min, 4min, And Fu brick tea extract were peaks during the corresponding time, indicating Fu brick and did not these two statins substances. (2) using 1mL / L of 20% fat emulsion for 48h copy medical nonalcoholic fatty degeneration of liver cells, and then different concentrations of Fu brick samples were extracts and formulations for 24h and 48h, automatic biochemical analyzer hepatocytes and TG levels within the cell supernatant of two transaminase (ALT and AST) activity explores Fu brick tea extract and its two formulations of fatty degeneration of the liver cells L-02 TG triglyceride metabolism. The results show that, 1mL / L of 20% fat emulsion for medical treatment can be successfully replicated 48h nonalcoholic fatty degeneration of liver cells, Fu brick tea water extract and Formula 1 (50% Fu brick tea water extract 25% 25% water extract of hawthorn licorice water extract) can effectively reduce the fatty degeneration of the liver cells TG levels, indicating Fu brick has a direct intervention on the liver function. 3 By laying hens feeding study investigated Fu brick and water-soluble extract on lipid metabolism in laying hens and production performance. The results show that Fu brick powder and extract can significantly reduce egg yolk cholesterol (Ch) content decreased rates were 6.70% (P lt; 0.05), 10.73% (P lt; 0.05), while laying rate were increased by 36.19% (P lt; 0.01), 24.11% (P lt; 0.05).

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