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Reliability Test and Analysis of ASON Network

Author JiangFeng
Tutor ZhengLaiBo;YuWenLiang
School Shandong University
Course Electronics and Communication Engineering
Keywords Automatically Switched Optical Network Network planning Network structure Network reliability Network simulation
CLC TN929.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Thanks to the characteristics of optical fiber medium such as wide transmission band, low transmission loss and good interference immunity, the optical communication technology has always been dominant in the basic communication network. In recent years, optical transmission is developing fast towards large capacity and multiple businesses. The transmission capacity of trunk SDH equipment on a pair of optical fibers has been developed to STM-64 from STM-1, and 40Gbit/s SDH equipment has been under commercial test; DWDM equipment has been developed to 40-wave and 80-wave from initial 8-wave and 16-wave. Full capacity of trunk DWDM equipment can be up to 1.6Tbit/s. This sufficiently meets explosive growth of various businesses, especially the transmission bandwidth requirements on transmission networks imposed by businesses such as voice, data and multimedia. With continuous increase of network capacity, network faults will cause wider and more serious impact on business. Thus, higher reliability, more flexible network switching, more efficient and fast protection and restoration ability for optical transmission networks are required. Therefore, the concept of Automatically Switched Optical Network has been proposed in response to development of optical transmission networks, and is one significant reform of traditional optical networks.According to current situation of optical transmission networks, the thesis overviews technical characteristics of ASON, technical advantages of ASON over traditional SDH technology, current development and application situation of ASON, key technologies of ASON, and ASON principles in system structure, link type, signaling and routing. It analyzes ASON networking scheme and planning, introduces all networking aspects and compares different networking modes according to actual network conditions so as to preliminarily discuss and analyze networking schemes and give advices. In conjunction with actual conditions of commercial test project of X long-distance transmission network ASON, ASON application based on SDH is researched. Performance test and analysis are conducted for specific ASON network reliability in the thesis, which is the core of technical evaluation of the test project. Some methods and experience with actual application value are summarized through the research of ASON network reliability. Feasible recommendations are made for further improvement and construction of ASON networks.

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