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System Design and Experiments on the Laryngeal Minimally Invasive Surgical Robot

Author LiQunZhi
Tutor WangShuXin
School Tianjin University
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords Laryngoscope larynx minimally invasive surgery Surgical robot Comprehensive configuration Scale integrated Master-slave operation Interference Analysis Quickly locate Animal experiments
Type PhD thesis
Year 2007
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Surgical robotic system can not only expand the capacity of the doctor's surgery, but also improve the quality of surgery. In this paper, laryngoscope larynx surgery, the application of robot design, even with line geometry and other mathematical tools, designed to complete the throat of minimally invasive surgical robotic systems, referred to as laryngeal surgical robot system, and carried out kinematic analysis, interference analysis, the main operation from the corresponding analysis, performance experiments and animal studies. Main contents and results are as follows: Quantitative analysis of the traditional laryngoscope larynx surgery procedure is proposed for laryngeal surgery robot design requirements, design complete laryngeal surgery robot system. The system mainly from the operating mode. From the operator of arms structure, and pose decoupling. Ministry of agencies from the operating arm planar rotational joint configuration, driven by a wire transmission mechanism; wrist axes intersect at institutions operating point model and avoid interference mechanism can minimize narrow cavity laryngoscope outside interference problems; external image a binocular stereo vision system application testing technology. From the analysis of the surgical robot manipulator workspace and operability. Workspace analysis using Monte Carlo methods to determine the end of the tool orientation reachable workspace that its flexible workspace. Using Jacobian F norm analyzed surgical robot operability, and the results have broader applicability. Papers to the best maneuverability and maximum collaborative workspace area as the objective function, optimal design of key components from the operator geometric scale (rod length) and six initial angle and plan surgical reasonable layout scheme. Analysis tools and laryngoscope larynx surgical robot interference between the basic situation, proposed a \Interference between the surgical tool is divided into early inspection judgments and final judgment both cases, in order to improve online collision detection speed. The interference between the tool and the laryngoscope is used four key inspection points and the angle between the axis of constraint, effectively solve the laryngoscope larynx surgery two tools and laryngoscope three interference problems between each other. Establish a master-slave robot kinematics model of the corresponding operation. Vector-based analytical method to establish a robot manipulator inverse kinematics from the equation, calculated based on the master-slave manipulator DH positive kinematic equations, and applications to achieve a binocular stereo vision system pose laryngoscope positioning. Through the model analysis, master-slave operation mode, the main location of space from the scale factor of 4:1, the main space from the attitude scale factor of 1:1. Effectively the system performance experiments and animal experiments. Performance test including those based on binocular stereo vision system from the operator experiment, the virtual environment master manipulator of interference experiment, the main operation from the corresponding experiments verify the system's interference analysis and rapid positioning methods, as well as the validity of the master-slave operation . Animal experiments based on animal (pig) as experimental subjects, conducted a complete animal (pig) vocal cord surgery operations to verify the entire laryngoscope larynx surgical robot system integrity and technical feasibility.

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